Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hi 2013!

I had really the best intentions of writing a "Here is what happened in 2012" blog post.

Except most of the big things revolved around being pregnant, traveling while pregnant, and still being pregnant and being way past tired of being pregnant.

So yes, it was a LOT of gestation going on.

I will tell you that I am starting 2013 with lots of stress...

Mary Margaret went on a bottle strike for a few days which really gave me lots to worry about. So I started freaking the F out that she wouldn't take a bottle and would starve while I was at work everyday. So, completely rational fear...

I took Nancy Holtzman's of course, brilliant advice and warmed my liquid gold, which she chugged with amazing speed. So I guess it's going to be something that her highness will require from here on out...

The pacifier thing is just going to have to work itself out, the caretakers may just have to get over it and use their pinky as a pacifier. Sorry ladies.

I also am toying with the idea of working on sleep training. She does a pretty darned good job of sleeping (only waking up once a night, which the melons appreciate anyway since they are good and jolly around 4am) but I know that she will have me on a short leash in the coming months and soon I'll be rocking her to sleep for hours. And that is way frustrating.

OK. so EVERYONE needs to keep me and Mary Margaret in her thoughts on Thursday because that is THE BIG DAY, she will be going to childcare for the first time EVER.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of 2012... just to be festive.

Telling Charlie's parents the good news

 Walk in Umstead Forest

 Mother's Day Brunch

 Father's Day Brunch

 Monroe's at the beach

 Obviously, way pregnant

 Very pregnant at the last for 3 summer weddings

 Sweet Girl McCants

 Christmas 2012

Happy family..

Alright 2013... let's see what you've got for me (us)


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