Tuesday, January 29, 2013

3 Months In

We have gotten through the worst of it(?)

That's a complete lie

Everyone would assure me that after the 4th "trimester" everything would bunches better.

Well, they were pretty much right.

Lady Mary Margaret is "usually" sleeping almost the whole night... I should go ahead and knock on wood because she woke up at 10:30 pm last night then again at 4:30 am.... Please please please please don't make this a new normal. (speaking of, that show The New Normal, seems like it could be kinda sorta funny... but I haven't give in a chance...anyway)

So here are a few little tit-bits (like that?) that I've learned in the last 3 months.

1)    Breastfeeding will get easier...
Your sweet mini alligator will either get a bigger mouth and those crash scene victim nipples of your will heal.

Or you'll do the completely ok thing and give them formula.

Believe me, when your child is running around with scissor or crawling out of bed for the 300th time that night or something you won't be thinking about that formula you gave them for a few months.

2)    You can (and will) stand up to the Grandmothers and anyone else!!

At the beginning you may be looking to them for answers (which is still fine and I still do on occasion)  but they have raised their children MANY MANY years ago... and thing may have changed... there may be more knowledge (back to sleep, stomach to sleep, sleep on their heads...whatever)

It's your baby and you have the last word, so use it!

3)    You think the those first few weeks are tough

Wait until you're back to work and working 40 hours, trying to spend time with your now bigger mouthed alligator, trying to keep a house slightly cleaner than tornado remains, making something edible for dinner, ohh and loosing that last 15 (read: 25) pounds of baby weight.

You'll now know what really tired is and how quickly you'll get over the "no caffeine/ booze when breastfeeding thing"

4)    You will get over your vain self and buy some bigger pants. 

Well at least I did, kinda... and really, I need to get a few more pairs. My work pants are a long way from fitting like normal

Well, unless you're Grace... who apparently goes right back to normal size post baby...grrr

5)   You will find what works for you...

and your family. Because you can't (shouldn't) be running around in complete anxiety for weeks on end. It doesn't look good on anyone and you'll give yourself a heart attack.

Ours is coming together and we can get out of the house within 15 mins of the target time. Usually because I need more coffee or MM spit up her entire breakfast on her onsie/pants outfit.

OK, that's all of the lack luster wisdom I have for now

And I nominated myself :) for this Blogger Award so if you would please second my egotistical opinion please vote for me! 

Thank You!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Quick Takes

This picture is on here for no reason in particular, only because it is ridiculous on all counts.

This Friday, like last, brings the threat of winter weather. Joy... although it could still get me out of work early, it's only looking like freezing rain and sleet. No fun. I would really be beyond pleased with 2 measly inches of the white stuff to maybe sit MM in so she can not understand what's going on while Buckley frantically runs around her. Plus it looks pretty for the 2.6 seconds it's not turned into slush. Charlie was supposed to be on a charter bus DC bound right now for the March for Life, but his school canceled the trip when the nasty wasty weather decided to come. Stinks for him, but we get to have him at home tonight and won't have to worry about him traveling. Always looking out for number 1 you know.

The famous and wonderful Gran is in town. She came in last night, played with Mary Margaret, and bought us Chinese... What more could anyone want from a grandmother, mom, or mother in law? I mean really. I left the house this morning to this. I'm not worried Other than the fact she has a slight case of laryngitis  so MM will be doing most of the conversing today.

Good Morning from the McCants/ Chandlers everyone

I'm a little behind, naturally, and finally saw the most recent episode of Downton Abbey... Ohh poor, prostituting, Ethel. That was a very tough move for you. But I get it. And good for Sybil for standing up for herself and baby.. Speaking of baby... I don't know what kinda birth control was out back then, but I'm with Matthew thinking Lady Mary needs to get pregnant already. Or is the big thing going to be about her not being able to... will they contribute it to Matthew's war injury? I'll be ready when Masterpiece Theater asks for new script writers.

Speaking of babies... when am I not? This is a really cute video and I can't wait for MM to get into belly laughing. We get a few giggles here and there, but I have to work really hard for them. I'll love it when she'll laugh at just about anything...

I'm trying to think of what I want to make as my big meal this coming week. This past week I was too wrapped up with mice catching to make anything. I also didn't wanna be in the kitchen for longer than 3 seconds because who wants to SEE the mouse? Not I. Has anyone tried the no-noodle lasagna?  You use eggplant and zucchini as the noodles?... I was thinking of trying this recipe...  Also, do I REALLY need to cook the "noodles" in the oven first? That seems like a step I may try to overlook.  I might get ambitious enough to actually take pictures or something of me doing making this... I know... too much Laura.. don't get ahead of yourself.

We have this thing going on in our house where it's freezing downstairs and scorching upstairs. There is no relief!! So I have 5 layers on when I go to bed (coming from downstairs) and slowly take them off in a sweaty panic throughout the night. I know, pleasant.... we also have a husband and 50+ pound dog in bed with us, no wonder I'm sweating....

* Side note/question: Any moms out there have weird shoulder/ upper arm pain with a new baby? I can't even sleep on that side because it hurts so badly the next day. I believe it's from holding a 16+ pound baby all of the time, but does it go away? Will my shoulder/ arm get used to it??

DCRI (where I work) can be a hot bed for pregnant ladies. I also work with 95% women in my department. So naturally there is at least one person (female) pregnant at most times. We're having a shower for a woman who is having her second and she took the time to not find out what she's having.... here are our guesses...

My guess is Alien, and if they have a gender, I'm thinking boy..

I'll let you know what comes out.

Stacy in on the ball and has hers out, I'm certain Ana and Colleen won't miss this Friday. 
And Grace can certainly get her easy breezy life together and churn this out.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here Mousy Mousy Mousy


We had a mouse in our house for the last few day months, and have been quietly ignoring him (we called it a him in hopes that he didn't leave little baby mice in our house). We would hear the pitter patter of little mice feet in the ceiling, and in the past found little "presents" in the cabinets.

The last proverbial straw had fallen... Onesimus the mouse was prancing around our kitchen counters with his weak bowels and I was done playing games.

This morning after my shower, Charlie informed me that last night he'd SEEN Onesimus scurry by his chair and among the multitude of papers/books that live beside the chair. I flipped my script on him and told him we needed to end this right that very minute.

After a breakfast of indian-style (is that saying "PC"?) sitting in the dining room table chair (to avoid the obvious mouse running across my feet), and conversation of nothing but how to rid the home of mouses, I "search-engined" how to catch a mouse... not kill a mouse.

Here is what I found first.... it's really weird and boring, but works amazingly.. and gets a little morbid once the mouse is actually caught.

I thought about trying it this very morn, but thought it might not be humane to let Onesimus sit in the trash can the whole day just awaiting his fate. And hearing him in there would drive Buckley insane.

At work Onesimus was all I had on my mind..

(other than the fact I'd forgotten some critical pieces to my pumping repertoire and so I milked myself like a cow this morning in the place of pumping)

Once I got home I couldn't wait to set the plan into action, and at 6:00 pm the trap was set.

Nothing, nothing, nothing until post-MM-bedtime and we're eating the most random dinner possible because we don't wanna go to the store.

I see something out of the corner of my eye... something darts across the kitchen towards the fridge. I screech and jump up on my chair (I never thought I would be to stereotypical about this) while Charlie looks and sees our little man. I look before trying to push him out with the broom. And darn it, he's kinda cute... Those ears really do get me...

Anyway, after he vanishes into thin air, we assume he's climbed into the fridge (completely normal) and go about our relaxing dinner completely on edge.

Buckley sees something move and we all jump into action. Eventually Charlie gets him to go outside, and we think he may be gone for a few days.

NOT... 2 hours later we hear a rustle behind the couch, in our "no man's land" of random tables, kids toys, and handheld vacuums. I flip again, and command Charlie to find out what it is. After no success we sit back down and finish watching The Mindy Project.

9:47 pm we hear the tube fall... It was a success!!! I make Charlie go check, obviously, and he goes "Aww, he looks so darned cute in there" YES! it worked. I then sweetly demand Charlie to drive him far far away where he can't Homeward Bound his way back to us.

I think I may set the trap again tomorrow night just to make sure there were no cousins or distant relatives that were hosteling here as well.

I was sure this "thing" looked beastly... like this...

But, no... his tail was way shorter.

Monday, January 21, 2013

You and Me Day

Charlie and I met at a bar downtown Raleigh March 2009. And our first "Official" Date was March 21 2009.

Being the sappy couple we are, we celebrate EVERYTHING. Since March 21, 2009 we have been celebrating the months, as they pass, that we are together.

We even got married on a 21st.  August 21, 2010...

Yes.. very short dating (he proposed December 2009) and 9 month engagement.
When you know you know... and we just "knew"


So every 21st day of the month we do something special...

It has ranged from flowers to dinners to a good beer/ bottle of wine that we share. As time has gone on the "You and Me Day" festivities have gotten more modestly, but the love and appreciation for each other is still there.

Today, while I was cleaning the bathrooms (yes, it's on record... I did clean the bathrooms today) I looked at my watch, and "Ohh today is You and Me day" I'd forgotten.

As I was checking my phone Charlie had sent me a text, he had remembered too.. "Happy You and Me Day" it said.

What are we going to do to celebrate us today? Not sure, it may be just splitting a burrito bowl from Chipolte, or it may be a good (read: Cheap) bottle of wine.

I hope it's the latter...

I thought I would just add this picture of these penguins because it was on my hard drive and I thought it was insanely cute, and they seem remotely happy.

Everyone can go out and celebrate Charlie and Laura day today!!

OK now GO!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Quick Takes

OK,  seriously can't imagine how people like Grace, Ana and Colleen can canoodle 3 or more kiddos and get a 7 Quick Takes and What I Wore Sundays out.... I can barely get my act together enough to write one... You may get two if I can slip one in during work on Friday (I know you people at work see me do this, and thank you for letting me get away with it).

So i'm just going to forget the WIWS... for this time...

I forgot to take a picture of me in my dressy clothes for Mass, so you're going to get the "I really need a shower and but I should work out before I do that" clothes... Excited you are.

We (really just me/I) bit the preverbal bullet and made the move to put Mary Margaret in her crib for bedtime. I was really dreading it but 
a) she was one swift arm swing from ripping the velcro off her swaddle .... yes, we love cheating and use the velcro SwaddleMes... they are fabulous, especially the fleece one.
b) I knew the longer I waited, the harder is was going to be on me. And I can only be a baby about it for so long.

I will say I only cried when I was going to bed the first night and saw the empty bassinet... I really need to take it down or it's going to be a nightly comforting-mommy routine. Lucky Charlie.

Saturday morning our dear dear friend Bethany and I went for brunch and pedicures. Lovely, wonderful, giving Bethany has 3 delightfully rambunctious boys, a husband that is a hard working Divinity Student with Charlie, and a VERY small house that is basically a money pit. Since she NEVER gets to do anything for/pamper herself, I took her to brunch and for a pedicure. She mentioned she hadn't been in a nail salon since her wedding... 7ish years ago. We had a suburb time, talked about many important topics, and some not very important at all. The thought of Ty (her very stylish and brilliant husband), the boys, and her leaving for a PhD program really makes my heart hurt. We became fast friends with them after a Catholic Families dinner at Dr. Paul Griffith's house where I carried around their youngest around for approximately 2 hours. We are now working on an arranged marriage between Blaise (their current youngest) and Mary Margaret. 
Keep yours eyes out for their Save the Date...

Charlie and the boys this summer

Ty and Bethany with their favorite pup, Buckley, at the beach

During Bethany and my long winded conversations, we discussed was NFP. Charlie and I have been playing with the idea of it. I'm really really not into medication if not 100% necessary and taking birth control (which full disclosure, we have used in the past) does not make me over-all comfortable. There is a class going on next Sunday that we could/might/possibly attend. But with me breastfeeding, which should be understood can prevent your cycle but really shouldn't be relied on, it gets really tricky and scary... because as much as I really enjoying being a mother and with MM growing up in faster than I imagined...  it makes me want another one already (I know I'm insane) my body really does need to rest and recover.

 I am beyond excited that I have Monday off work AND Gran is coming in on Thursday to watch MM while I work on Friday!! We just love having her in town, if not just for someone to be at the house to change diapers and snuggle with MM. Plus MM gives Gran THE BEST smiles which really makes my heart sing.

I also bit the bullet and bought some new clothes... Ugh seriously 2 pant sizes bigger... Ohh and I also made the mistake of trying on skinny jeans. What was I thinking? I don't even know what was running through my mind. Bad, Bad and more Bad. But I did get some good deals on tops from Old Navy's clearance area, which helped... And they were pretty cute, good colors... lots of billowiness which is much appreciated. I'm talking like $3 and $5 for shirts... 

We are getting very skillful with ignoring Mary Margaret's middle of sleep crying. We don't even divert our eyes to the monitor or anything. We'll continue whatever we're doing and just say "Mary Margaret, use your words..." she usually stops within a few minutes... if not we will go get her. We try not to be too cruel.

I am still reeling from all of the love I've gotten from new friends via Camp Patton. The new mommy was so kind to post my thoughtful words on Raising a Daughter Catholic (Being Protestant)

So refer to the better time-managing momma's at the top of this post for many many more outfits and quips.

Thanks again!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Guest Post!

It Happened!!

A few months ago I was pleasantly surprised one last night/early morning feed when Grace from Camp Patton asked me to write a guest blog post for her while she was out caring for her newest blessing!

And after waiting with bated breath.....

Ohh and here is something to satisfy your sweet baby tooth...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fills My Heart

Even though I'm struggling through being at work and not with my sweet girl.

It really makes things a little bit easier when I get kind pictures of Mary Margaret having fun at the ladies houses.

This is from Amy

Wow... Look at that belly...
And, Yes... those ARE the 6 month clothes and Baby Leg Warmers..

She watches MM most Mondays. Her little man Emmett and MM play, and she gets great sleep there.
Must the very calm and understanding nature of Amy's house. I can't ensure her that with Buckley trying to maintain his spot as the "Golden Child" in our house.

Molly takes care of Mary Margaret on Tuesday, Thursdays and the occasional Friday

Molly has two precious little girls of her own who love to "play" with MM, they read books, love on her (read: pat her head and gently poke her in the eyes), help with back/tummy time and feed her bottles.

They love giving her hugs and open mouth kisses, waving goodbye to her as we go down the driveway, and dislike wearing pants (so they wear really cute dresses and skirt from Crew Cuts)

We are extremely lucky for these families to welcome MM and our family into their homes. It makes me feel so much better that we can do this, compared to putting her in traditional daycare (plus is more cost effective and we can help our friends out!)

Mary Margaret and Charlie were reading my latest blog post last night post-dinner pre-bath time.

Ok... we're half way through the week... we can all make it!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bring'um Out, Bring'um Out

I have been known to pop a boob out in public a few times here and there. And just found a WORLD of support and resources from Jessica Martin-Weber at The Leaky Boob she recently wrote a little blog post about being told to wear a nursing cover while at lunch in Las Vegas... you know... that place where pictures of topless women are at every corner (yes, with pasties on their nips for "modestly") but it had a great turn when the management did a 180 and apologized to her for asking her to cover.

She sited these laws, for eash state that permit uncover breastfeeding. 
Here is North Carolina's
"Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a woman may breast feed in any public or private location where she is otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether the nipple of the mother’s breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breast feeding."

Which means I can breastfeed without a cover... and even do a nip slip (accidental of course, ha) and I'm still cool. 

Thinking about it, people should be more concerned with parents feeding their children McDonald's cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets than seeing someone nurse their child. Which is the more healthy and natural choice. I vote for the boob.

I'm back at work "Booooo. Booo. Booo" I know, and thank you. But for my next pay check, "Yay" (I agree) they needed my "Clearance" from the Midwives. So I called up my fave 
on-call nurse (shout out to Jennifer) for her to fax me the form and as she was finishing the call with me I know she was thinking " Wow...I hope that's the last time I talk to Laura McCants in a while... because we were on a once, sometimes, trice a day call for a while." Bye Jen, it's been real.

Well it was inevitable... Mary Margaret is 3 months old today. We have been "going at" this parenting things for 3 whole months... and she's still breathing, only been injured by mom twice, and has very stuffed cheeks and rolls to show for it.

Per her grandmother "Gran" 's request she is also in 6 month clothing. And as much as I hate to admit it... they obviously fit better.

My outfit today is one I feel a little more confident in, the skirt is an OLD very stretchy skirt from about 3 years ago. The top is just as old (from Express of all places, saying that I feel like a teenager again!). I will admit there is a very tight cami and the skirt is zipped up to my baby feeders, but it's on! HA! That lighting is not the most flattering, they should have taken the mirror-likness of the walls into consideration when putting those lights in...

Here is a tip from Nancy Holtzman (you know.. my girl Nanc): If you're having some pain (like yours truly)  on the "taps" with that initial tug from the breast pump... she suggests putting some EVOO (or just any ole' olive oil) on there for some lubrication. So, I do of course, because I do everything she says...but I wonder if something like this is going on...

Olive Oil is healthier at least, right?

Off to read the most resent Bachelor episode via Ashley Jones

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What I Wore Saturday (I know it should be Sunday...)

This was a whirlwind weekend... It went by SO quickly

Dress: Old Navy
Belt: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Some little jewelry store in Greensboro, NC

Ugh.. I'm still working on "loving my body again" I have convinced myself I should at least get a cheap pair of jeans. So I'm not 1) cramming myself into old jeans that fill poorly or 2) avoid wearing jeans just because I don't have any that fit.

On a whim I messaged someone through Craigslist about a dining room table (we had been using a very old family heirloom that wasn't really our "style"). Well Friday night at 8pm I get an e-mail from the owner asking if we still wanted it and said he would take less than the original price.

Umm, yes please!!

So we quickly worked everything out with him and called Charlie's dad asking him if he would accompany Charlie and to drive to Wilson, NC (Aprox. 1 hour away).

I was trying to upload a picture... but something wonky happened with Blogger, so it isn't going to happen. I know you're disappointed.

But trust it is MUCH better than the previous, and has much taller chairs so people don't think their sitting on a large stack of telephone books.

Ok, I'm going to watch Downton in peace before bed.

Ohh I don't wanna go to work tomorrow...

Friday, January 11, 2013

The quickest of Quicks

7 Quick Takes for you...
I have to admit something today, I apparently am going to win the Mom of the Year award, I'll start writing my acceptance speech now...

A) I was told that if you got into the bath with baby and then blew on their face, right before you put their head underwater they wouldn't hate it. Wrong. At least for MM. She thought I was drowning her... and I did it only for a split second, but it was scaring for both of us.

B) In an effort to please both MM and Buckley, I was going to put MM in the baby Bjorn to throw the ball with Buckley outside. I go to lift her out of the bumbo-like thing and BAM! I had lifted her up and into the chandelier.... fantastic...She screamed immediately and didn't stop for 10 minutes. She also had, what I would describe as a "gash" which was really just a scratch on her head. We both cried for a little about the whole thing and waited in the pediatrician's office for 1.5 hours before seeing him for <10 minutes. We also lost $25 in the process for a co-pay. But whatever...

It was just like the Friend's episode where Monica was throwing Ben in the air and hit his head "Monica Bang!" I thought about that the WHOLE time I was trying to get her to stop crying

I can kinda sorta put myself into my largest pants I own. Which is only a slight achievement...Not really though, because I think I've just stretched them out enough to not be skin tight.I would rather just spend most of my time in yoga pants and t-shirts, that's OK right?

Our super crazy semester has officially begun, Charlie is working a part time job at St. Thomas More Academy High School, going to school 4 times a week, and being a daddy. I only have to work, be a working-nursing mommy, and one Graduate School class, Ohh and also try to lose these extra 20 pounds... Not a big deal

Charlie and I have been snacking on this Veggie Stew that I made on Tuesday. It was really good but did give me LOTS of gas :) So if you wanna make it just be prepared to do the poot and walk away for a few days.

I've made it through 1 whole week of Mary Margaret being in childcare, she of course is doing a great job with the ladies... I'm just doing ok. I'm getting more used to it, but it's really only because she's really close to my work most days and I know I can come see her whenever. It's the days when she's in Raleigh and I'm in Durham (30 mins on a good day) that are harder I really feel much more comfortable when the caretakers are able to text me about how she's doing. It really puts my mind at ease.

My sweet mother may come into town this weekend (only for Saturday really) to watch MM while we go to a baptism class and I also have a very sweet friend's bridal shower as well.Mostly I'm excited to see my mom and how her and MM act together, it really is the cutest thing.

I really wanna make some cookies this weekend...Maybe some Monster Cookies are in the cards. Ohh they are soo good, and so bad... One Christmas in college I made two or three batches to take home with me. There were cookies on every flat surface in that little duplex. 

OK those were all completely random. Happy Friday!

Ana and Colleen, along with the ever popular Grace who I'm sure will have some out today as well.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Not Just Princeton Women

I am having an internal struggle.

It's about leaving this everyday.

There is the side of me that enjoys the get up, take a shower (that should be everyday right?), put on make up, don the "nice" work clothes and get out into the real world. Where I can excel and make a contribution to a career and my family's income. All while using, at least acknowledging, the degree (and Masters degree I almost have) by working hard in the office everyday

Then there is the other, the side that loves to cuddle, nurse, and teach my daughter how to be a little person. Enjoying each minute thing she does and coo she makes. I would love to watch her grow everyday and learn how to find her hands, and sit on her own. All while having the knowledge that I am shaping her (and her schedule, which I have a hard time giving up control) into a "fierce" woman, like her mommy.

Margaret Fortney wrote an article for The Daily Princtonian  called "What Princeton Women Want" that does a great job of highlighting the emotions felt by mothers today. She sites that although many women come out of Princeton (and other great schools) with the education to be lawyers, doctors, or Wall Street tycoons. The occupation of being a mother is just as, or more, important.

The pressure that mothers get to go back to work, "Do it all" and go through the (personally) heartbreaking task of putting you children in childcare, to go into the office and "Use your education"; where I would prefer to "use my education" to teach my children and contribute to their lives with the education I have gathered, both from school and from life.

Charlie and I have been talking about the possibility of me staying home with Mary Margaret, and the coming children (not currently baking, but you know). And taking with Charlie's grandfather CB about his Grandmothers' work/life balance included her staying home while the kids were small, even though CB was getting his Masters and PhD at the time. People make it all the time. Charlie's fellow grad and PhD students have kids and wives who stay at home. It does require a more "Quiet" living, less meals out, not too many new clothes, and lots of creativity. But it's do-able.

And I like a challenge :)

Sorry this is such a, blah, serious post... but it was something I saw this morning and thought I'd share.

So read the article already.


Monday, January 7, 2013

Gimme someplace to nurse!!

I'm as surprised as you are that something OTHER than the Dowtown Abbey Season 3 premier happened this weekend!

First things first, we bid on Ebay to get this wonderful thing, it's called the Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit. And let me inform you, no joke about the MAGIC! Prior to wearing this Lady Mary Margaret would only sleep for 45 mins MAX swaddled in her crib and even less without wearing anything. So we tried it on Saturday afternoon. It was revolutionary. And she looked so stinkin cute in it.

She also slept like this for 1.5 hours, which is wonderful. I approve... and it's a great transition from the swaddle which our "solid" babe is getting too big for by the feeding.

Also on Friday night we visited with another sweet woman, Kelly,  that will be sitting for Maria Margarita 2 Fridays a month, we then had plans to have a scrumptious dinner with some great friends who had recently returned from England for the holidays and were anxious to see.

Amid all of the visiting we were doing, sweet-patient MM was of course getting hungry... I nursed her in the "lego" room at Kelly's house but only half of the meal because we needed to get on the move... Turns out, by the time we made it down the street to Whole Foods MM was chompin for the rest of her meal. As Charlie was running in for essentials (Read: Pie and Booze) I nursed our child in the front seat of our Volvo in the well-it parking lot. Popped out the boob in all it's glory.

Then the modest little one decided she was going to poop her massive daily poop in my lap of said parking lot. We then did a very quick-cold-messy diaper change in the trunk section of the station wagon. Good thing I was warm in my jeans and coat. MM seemed not to be thrilled with the temperature of her lady parts as I was changing her. Can't imagine why.

We made it to dinner safely where I ate my meal holding MM while she slept = dead weight and had a good share of wine (apparently I drink wine more quickly than before... making up for lost time?).

Caturday (Saturday) we "slept in" until 7am then we met a group of brand new mommy friends at the Farmer's Market Restaurant

My bangs make me look like I have a bowl cut

Note: Teddy, the one in the overalls (the only boy) did kiss Mary Margaret's hand prior to this picture and tried to steal the ober-cute head wrap off of Layla's head. Tiffany is in a LOAD of trouble with this one.

I ended up nursing MM in the waiting area of this restaurant (Do I have a problem?) while we were waiting on all of the mommies to show... Only because they wouldn't seat us until our whole party was there... so they get to have a possible boob flash in their waiting area. I won this!

Later in the day we went to the Annual Peggy McCants Dinner at 42nd Street Oyster Bar. It was MM's first time there and she would certainly get at least an A for her behavior  She did do LOTS of looking around as I was feeding her (read: Did NOT nursing her here, where was I raised, a barn?) but what can you ask of an infant in a loud restaurant? 

Downton Day (AKA Sunday)
We finally get out of the house with everyone dressed and not leaking to make it to Mass. Admittedly my fault that we were running 5 minutes late. But Mass was packed!! So we did what the cool kids do, and took MM out of the car seat that would NO way fit into the pew. I had planned on feeding the sweet angel in the pew.. but she had other plans and would only eat with me holding her in the back of the church. All-in-all she got a B+ only because she sat on my lap and listened to the Homily without a peep, and went up for her blessing just fine. Other than that she was a hick-upping, fist sucking, rarely consolable baby.

After that Mary Margaret and I went on a ladies afternoon to coffee and Target(ing) with Aunt Callie then a quick jaunt around Jenny and Katelyn's neighborhood before we went to a very fancy dinner at Moe's where MM and I danced, and ate lots of salsa.

All of this made it even more difficult to go back to work this morning, and the waterworks began about 6:45 this AM when she was napping on the nursing pillow and I didn't want her or I to leave. I just wanted to snuggle and play with her for the rest of our lives (completely normal right?).

OK... Another reason I'm not THRILLED to be back to work, it ALL of the gross sounding coughing that is coming out of my office. Gross and Grosser.

Alright, you have been so sweet to make it to the end of this, now go grab a mini reeces cup like I just did.

Friday, January 4, 2013

7 Quickies

Not the ones you "Really" want... but these will do.

1) Well it HAD to happen...I went back to work on Thursday. Was it the hardest things ever? Yea... it was tough, but I allowed myself a few buffers... She is about 5 miles from my work, so I went over at lunch (and will continue to until forever) to see her and nurse her at lunch. When I held her at lunch time, she cried at me and then smiled at Molly (the sweet woman keeping her). So I internally growled, because that made me feel like I would never see her smile at me again, you know something completely rational.

This was my view on the last day of Maternity Leave

2) Charlie is keeping Mary Margaret today, I imagine this will be the longest day of his life, because this will be the longest he has ever stayed with her in one consecutive time. I think they both need prays everyone (because of course she would want me there...)

3) Our New Years Eve was action packed... Not.
We were invited to a swank Great Gatsby themed NYE party, and were very tempted to go, but then we came to our senses and realized taking a baby out on NYE was not the best parenting... So we stayed home, drank some booze, and watched Ray (with Jamie Foxx) ohh and danced.

First father-daughter dance

4) On THE LAST DAY we had a brunch meet up with the New Moms from Sacred Heart, which was such a pleasure! It is so nice to discuss thing like daycare, husbands' reaction and interactions with babes, breastfeeding, nursing, carrying slings, sleeping (or lack of), etc. Brittany was sweet enough to host on her last full day of Maternity Leave as well. Nora was also kind enough to share her play mat with MM.

I can't get this picture to turn, so please deal.

5) Some milestones (I mean, not REAL milestones but go with it) last night after bragging that a much smaller baby than MM was already rolling onto his back... MM did it too!! And then did it again!! We'll see if it was a huge fluke but I was VERY excited. Also, on a whim I put MM in Nora's bumbo and she did a stellar job! I am/was so proud of her fantastic neck strength!!  

How is she getting so big? 
Please stop growing now. Thank you 

6) Like most people on New Years, I'm going to try and tackle this extra poundage that is resting on my hips and thighs (pleasant image I'm sure). So I'm going to use the MyFitnessPal app to work on the K-Cal intake.  I actually do pretty well with counting calories, so I hope it works. I weighed myself for the first time postpartum on Wednesday and I was back to my pre-weight loss weight (I lost like 25 pounds before I got pregnant) BUT nothing fits!! I'm still like 3 jean sizes bigger than when I was that weight before. UGH The Frustration!!!  I don't care if you care... but I'll update you on the not-reg.

7) Everyone's favorite self-deprecating mother-o-two had her latest offspring on New Years Eve Eve! Theo is a jewel! Charlie and I talk about the whole fam, including the new one, all of the time. Ohh and she also has this little Birth Story Link-Up that only two or three people joined (more like 100)

Ok. I'm sure baby machine Patton will have one with way more interesting things, and I know Ana already has hers up (and one day early...)

Ohh and if you'd like something a little more serious, check out Charlie's blog

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hi 2013!

I had really the best intentions of writing a "Here is what happened in 2012" blog post.

Except most of the big things revolved around being pregnant, traveling while pregnant, and still being pregnant and being way past tired of being pregnant.

So yes, it was a LOT of gestation going on.

I will tell you that I am starting 2013 with lots of stress...

Mary Margaret went on a bottle strike for a few days which really gave me lots to worry about. So I started freaking the F out that she wouldn't take a bottle and would starve while I was at work everyday. So, completely rational fear...

I took Nancy Holtzman's of course, brilliant advice and warmed my liquid gold, which she chugged with amazing speed. So I guess it's going to be something that her highness will require from here on out...

The pacifier thing is just going to have to work itself out, the caretakers may just have to get over it and use their pinky as a pacifier. Sorry ladies.

I also am toying with the idea of working on sleep training. She does a pretty darned good job of sleeping (only waking up once a night, which the melons appreciate anyway since they are good and jolly around 4am) but I know that she will have me on a short leash in the coming months and soon I'll be rocking her to sleep for hours. And that is way frustrating.

OK. so EVERYONE needs to keep me and Mary Margaret in her thoughts on Thursday because that is THE BIG DAY, she will be going to childcare for the first time EVER.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of 2012... just to be festive.

Telling Charlie's parents the good news

 Walk in Umstead Forest

 Mother's Day Brunch

 Father's Day Brunch

 Monroe's at the beach

 Obviously, way pregnant

 Very pregnant at the last for 3 summer weddings

 Sweet Girl McCants

 Christmas 2012

Happy family..

Alright 2013... let's see what you've got for me (us)