Sunday, August 5, 2012

Truths about being 7.5 months Pregnant

A peek into my experience being in 3rd Trimester of pregnancy.

1) Never again will I "plan" to be pregnant in the middle of summer: When Charlie and I were working on getting pregnant I never thought about how horrific the summer was going to be, especially in North Carolina, it feels like fire was put into a greenhouse. The humidity is insane, wearing anything that fully covers your legs is not an option. So when you go outside and are sweating IMMEDIATELY, please think of those that have a little heater in their tummy and a few extra pounds. Not fun for anyone. I want to thank those people that have been driving me around and making it a little more bearable for me to get around. I owe you some ice cream or something cold.

2) Coming home from work is always a sweat-fest. Ask Charlie, when I get home from work I am always complaining how hot it is. Always. It could be raining outside and I would be telling you how horribly hot it is. I then drag myself to the laundry room and completely dis-robe. I am naked as the day I was born. Then I lay in bed on top of the sheet, under the fan for no less than 15 mins before I even think about dressing again. I don't care what you think about me, I'm in my house. If some peeping tom wants to see me, the joke is on them...

3) I'm getting a hang of this mothering thing. While waddling down the greenway with Buckley, a little girl (maybe 10 years old, I have no idea what age kids are by the way they look) was riding her bike alone. When I got close enough to hit her (I didn't hit her) I asked if she was OK. She said she was waiting on her brother and dad. I felt like such a grown-up asking if she was ok. I have this mothering thing down. Now, if she was in distress or was unable to hold herself up/make full sentences, I don't know what I was going to do.

4) Swim suits. Being pregnant in the summer, naturally I bought a bathing suit. These in general are horrible, as you are already self-conscious because you've gained more weight than you expected (this is inevitable) and they never fit like you would want - nothing like the fake-pregnant models you see online. But  what really stinks is that you can't even enjoy looking at baby bathing suits because when your child is born they are at least 6 months away from even thinking about wearing those cute, ruffled things.

5) Mary Margaret is officially taking over. I'm getting huge, and she is about 3 pounds now. The rest of me is just the Mexican food that I've been craving for the last 5 years. She has officially been taking over all areas of my body. Most notably she has been stretching our vertically and pushing up, feet up, through my diaphragm. I know I should get over this and prepare myself for her to take over every other part of me, including financially, mentally, and physically.

6) 3rd Trimester does have its perks. Mostly involves food. I'm back to eating almost everything, and drinking the things I really missed. I don't care how much you'd like to judge me, but yes... I'm eating my deli meat, drinking coffee, and having the occasional alcoholic beverage on a nice night. She has done all of the real development that she's going to do, so now she's just growing in my baby hotel. And it will be convenient if she is a lush when she comes out of me, we can slipt a beer.

7) I'm only moderately scared out of my mind about giving birth. I know this all is mother nature and what-not, but the thought of getting this (now 3 pound, later to be 6+) baby out of me is not only scary, but somewhat interesting. How am I going to react? Am I going to constantly be yelling at Charlie? Am I going to scream and yell? Am I going to be stoic and quiet? How long is it going to take? When is my water going to break? What is the pain going to feel like? Ohh the options.

I'm definitely ready for this baby.


  1. August is always a tough month. September, too. My daughter was born in November, and my son in December. I had a more difficult time the second time around because the farther along you are in the summer, the worse it is.

  2. Re. number 7 on your list: You can do it! (said like that guy in the movie Water Boy). Best of luck in the coming weeks and on delivery day! I'm looking forward to reading about how it goes. You'll be great!