Thursday, August 30, 2012

"The" Story...Last Part (I Promise)

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Please look to Parts One and Two if you really MUST know the background...

I'm sorry if you're still reading this... You, apparently are a glutton for punishment...

The Engagement

I'll start by saying both Charlie and my birthdays are in November. And although it seems fast, someone had put the engagement bug into my ear months ago. I find out later, I am not the only one that has been given these ideas about him proposing.

** Note: There are some other omitted events that I'm not going to hold over Charlie's head in writing and online. He is wonderful and we are married now... so it's all water under the bridge... until I bring it up again :)

I would have included pictures from this night, but the camera I'd lent Charlie in Spain was stolen (evil Spanish....) so this is all pictures were with a very fancy and expensive disposable... and I'm too lazy to "Scan" a picture.

December 10th 2009 Charlie says we are going out for a date night but won't tell me where.

He comes home with two large and in charge cupcakes from The Cupcake Shoppe " Ding Ding Ding" something is up...

We walk around Raleigh... going to a few bars The Busy Bee and later onto The Landmark (If you have made the mistake of reading all of this... these are Hot Spots for us). At the Landmark we are talking about the future (which isn't new for us... we had also planned our future Children's names before all of this) and I was texting a friend's wife about meeting up before we went to a concert later that night.

He then says "lets go somewhere" and as we're walking out the door, in walks said friend and his wife. Charlie says "we'll be right back" and we leave them there."Ding Ding Ding"... Something is uuuuuup.

This particular December 10th it was CRAY CRAY windy downtown Raleigh. And seriously cold. I had gloves... We start walking downtown to the Winterfest thing where there is ice skating and cute Christmas things up. He gets us in line for the ice skating and I'm like "I really don't want to ice skate" so he says "ok, do you want to walk back?" YES... I do.  As I start walking away and putting my gloves on he says " Wait, before you put your gloves on".

I turn around and he begins fishing around in his jean pocket... I freak, and start crying already. He says words neither of us can remember, the main one was me saying "Yes" and smooching and tears...

We call our parents and tell them the good news... and Charlie calls in the troops (his friends who have known the whole time this was going on) to meet us at the concert last evening.

We go back to the friends we'd left at the Landmark (who knew this was going to happen and thought it HAD happened when they walked in).

We had a great night and lots of fun dancing and drinking with friends.

The End...

Ohh wait, we got married on August 21, 2010 at an awesome wedding Downtown Raleigh Check out the pictures if you wanna see more :)

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