Friday, November 1, 2013

Who wants more mouse?

I just got done shooting Mary Margaret's sweet little mouth up with some Cherry flavored Tylenol as she has a teeny 101.7 temp tonight as we were putting her to bed.

I'm going to go all hypochondriac here and say she has Hand Foot and Mouth as everyone and their sister and dog and mailman and weird co-worker's family down the street has had it this week.

She really has just been tired and had the fever along with a bit of a persistent cough.

She went down at 7:30 tonight and you can still hear here talking or quickly crying and it's 11:00 now. Really makes me want to get her our of bed and cuddle her for a while, but the other side knows that will only make things worse (it would make them worse right????)

I brought my sweet non-fevered babe into work yesterday for a Halloween party and Charlie took her in to work today with him for All Saints day. That being said you would never guess that she would come out of all that with something.

Obviously I am very crafty, just crafty enough to pick this jewel up at Costco in July.

And with this she won us (me) a bottle of wine and lots of baby-worshiping. Wild guess at who was more excited. it was me.

So aside from the potential sickness and the mousiness (my hair color included), things are going along swimmingly. If her highness is sick, one guess who would LOVE to stay home and be at her beaconed whine/want to be held/ then put down/ then whine (repeat, repeat, repeat) allllll weekend.

Also, I thought I should share this gem that Charlie sent me while I was in Chi-town last week.

Yes, that smile is mine
and also yes, we have those curly hair genes in our family

we win.