Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey Hey, still here!

Alright guys, it's been a little while. Like almost a month.

Here's the deal. I'm going to ramble and post pictures (possibly already seen on Instagram) that may have nothing to do with the words before or after them.

I have been thinking about things to write about, but as things go with those with children who are spastic sleepers, I end up going to bed right after I look around the house and decide not to clean anything.

Also the other things I do instead of blogging is catch up on Fall TV, which I'm in lurv with. HuluPlus has been the best $7.99 per month I've ever spent.

After Charlie's birthday this past Thursday we left for High Point on Friday afternoon for the weekend. Charlie had a school thing on Saturday and I had a mini-reunion with the girls I went to high school with, specifically the girls who survived 4 years in marching band with me. We had a little "ladies and kids" potluck for lunch and then a nice dinner with juuuuust enough drinks that night.

I look like a floating head with boots.

Virginia loathed being at someone else's house and made it very clear all the time, including bath time. When she screamed non-stop and wouldn't even calm down for nursing. It was pretty much the best.

Baby, it's what's for breakfast.

What else, what else, what else...

Tea with Great Grandaddy

She doesn't love him at all, can't you tell?

Ohh, in High Point there we were graced with Uncle Daniel's presence. As all those with brothers know, uncles are THE. BEST. I believe Uncle Dan Dan walked around with an on the edge screaming Virginia for no less than 5 hours this weekend. Only to be a bubble blowing-tea time sharing-chase around the house partner for MM. I am thisclose to kidnapping him to live at the house with us full time.

Furthermore, he gifted MM with a Cam Newton jersey which may have sealed our fates as Carolina Panthers fans.

Also, we have determined that V is a momma's girl. Charlie tried with all his loving-might to calm her last night, at least 5 minutes later she's still screaming like a banshee. I go up to take over, she's calm before Charlie can leave the room. It's a blessing and a curse, but mostly a blessing to have a cuddly little girl. Mary Margaret is so the independent lady that I rarely get snuggles, so this is a welcomed change.

She stayed like that for about an hour, and I loved loved it.

Come home late from work, this is what you find.