Friday, January 4, 2013

7 Quickies

Not the ones you "Really" want... but these will do.

1) Well it HAD to happen...I went back to work on Thursday. Was it the hardest things ever? Yea... it was tough, but I allowed myself a few buffers... She is about 5 miles from my work, so I went over at lunch (and will continue to until forever) to see her and nurse her at lunch. When I held her at lunch time, she cried at me and then smiled at Molly (the sweet woman keeping her). So I internally growled, because that made me feel like I would never see her smile at me again, you know something completely rational.

This was my view on the last day of Maternity Leave

2) Charlie is keeping Mary Margaret today, I imagine this will be the longest day of his life, because this will be the longest he has ever stayed with her in one consecutive time. I think they both need prays everyone (because of course she would want me there...)

3) Our New Years Eve was action packed... Not.
We were invited to a swank Great Gatsby themed NYE party, and were very tempted to go, but then we came to our senses and realized taking a baby out on NYE was not the best parenting... So we stayed home, drank some booze, and watched Ray (with Jamie Foxx) ohh and danced.

First father-daughter dance

4) On THE LAST DAY we had a brunch meet up with the New Moms from Sacred Heart, which was such a pleasure! It is so nice to discuss thing like daycare, husbands' reaction and interactions with babes, breastfeeding, nursing, carrying slings, sleeping (or lack of), etc. Brittany was sweet enough to host on her last full day of Maternity Leave as well. Nora was also kind enough to share her play mat with MM.

I can't get this picture to turn, so please deal.

5) Some milestones (I mean, not REAL milestones but go with it) last night after bragging that a much smaller baby than MM was already rolling onto his back... MM did it too!! And then did it again!! We'll see if it was a huge fluke but I was VERY excited. Also, on a whim I put MM in Nora's bumbo and she did a stellar job! I am/was so proud of her fantastic neck strength!!  

How is she getting so big? 
Please stop growing now. Thank you 

6) Like most people on New Years, I'm going to try and tackle this extra poundage that is resting on my hips and thighs (pleasant image I'm sure). So I'm going to use the MyFitnessPal app to work on the K-Cal intake.  I actually do pretty well with counting calories, so I hope it works. I weighed myself for the first time postpartum on Wednesday and I was back to my pre-weight loss weight (I lost like 25 pounds before I got pregnant) BUT nothing fits!! I'm still like 3 jean sizes bigger than when I was that weight before. UGH The Frustration!!!  I don't care if you care... but I'll update you on the not-reg.

7) Everyone's favorite self-deprecating mother-o-two had her latest offspring on New Years Eve Eve! Theo is a jewel! Charlie and I talk about the whole fam, including the new one, all of the time. Ohh and she also has this little Birth Story Link-Up that only two or three people joined (more like 100)

Ok. I'm sure baby machine Patton will have one with way more interesting things, and I know Ana already has hers up (and one day early...)

Ohh and if you'd like something a little more serious, check out Charlie's blog

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  1. Ok, Mary Margaret is the cutest!
    I am so sorry it is so hard going back to work, I cannot even imagine, I hope that it gets easier with time!