Tuesday, January 29, 2013

3 Months In

We have gotten through the worst of it(?)

That's a complete lie

Everyone would assure me that after the 4th "trimester" everything would bunches better.

Well, they were pretty much right.

Lady Mary Margaret is "usually" sleeping almost the whole night... I should go ahead and knock on wood because she woke up at 10:30 pm last night then again at 4:30 am.... Please please please please don't make this a new normal. (speaking of, that show The New Normal, seems like it could be kinda sorta funny... but I haven't give in a chance...anyway)

So here are a few little tit-bits (like that?) that I've learned in the last 3 months.

1)    Breastfeeding will get easier...
Your sweet mini alligator will either get a bigger mouth and those crash scene victim nipples of your will heal.

Or you'll do the completely ok thing and give them formula.

Believe me, when your child is running around with scissor or crawling out of bed for the 300th time that night or something you won't be thinking about that formula you gave them for a few months.

2)    You can (and will) stand up to the Grandmothers and anyone else!!

At the beginning you may be looking to them for answers (which is still fine and I still do on occasion)  but they have raised their children MANY MANY years ago... and thing may have changed... there may be more knowledge (back to sleep, stomach to sleep, sleep on their heads...whatever)

It's your baby and you have the last word, so use it!

3)    You think the those first few weeks are tough

Wait until you're back to work and working 40 hours, trying to spend time with your now bigger mouthed alligator, trying to keep a house slightly cleaner than tornado remains, making something edible for dinner, ohh and loosing that last 15 (read: 25) pounds of baby weight.

You'll now know what really tired is and how quickly you'll get over the "no caffeine/ booze when breastfeeding thing"

4)    You will get over your vain self and buy some bigger pants. 

Well at least I did, kinda... and really, I need to get a few more pairs. My work pants are a long way from fitting like normal

Well, unless you're Grace... who apparently goes right back to normal size post baby...grrr

5)   You will find what works for you...

and your family. Because you can't (shouldn't) be running around in complete anxiety for weeks on end. It doesn't look good on anyone and you'll give yourself a heart attack.

Ours is coming together and we can get out of the house within 15 mins of the target time. Usually because I need more coffee or MM spit up her entire breakfast on her onsie/pants outfit.

OK, that's all of the lack luster wisdom I have for now

And I nominated myself :) for this Blogger Award so if you would please second my egotistical opinion please vote for me! 

Thank You!!


  1. ugh. I can't wait for the 4th trimester to be over .... you're kind BUT be assured --- NOT back to prepreg weight -- not even close.

    love this though. I always get excited when I see that you've posted!

  2. ahahah LOVE the grandmothers point. Being a mother will bring out the inner lion, thats for sure!

    xo em