Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Quick Takes

OK,  seriously can't imagine how people like Grace, Ana and Colleen can canoodle 3 or more kiddos and get a 7 Quick Takes and What I Wore Sundays out.... I can barely get my act together enough to write one... You may get two if I can slip one in during work on Friday (I know you people at work see me do this, and thank you for letting me get away with it).

So i'm just going to forget the WIWS... for this time...

I forgot to take a picture of me in my dressy clothes for Mass, so you're going to get the "I really need a shower and but I should work out before I do that" clothes... Excited you are.

We (really just me/I) bit the preverbal bullet and made the move to put Mary Margaret in her crib for bedtime. I was really dreading it but 
a) she was one swift arm swing from ripping the velcro off her swaddle .... yes, we love cheating and use the velcro SwaddleMes... they are fabulous, especially the fleece one.
b) I knew the longer I waited, the harder is was going to be on me. And I can only be a baby about it for so long.

I will say I only cried when I was going to bed the first night and saw the empty bassinet... I really need to take it down or it's going to be a nightly comforting-mommy routine. Lucky Charlie.

Saturday morning our dear dear friend Bethany and I went for brunch and pedicures. Lovely, wonderful, giving Bethany has 3 delightfully rambunctious boys, a husband that is a hard working Divinity Student with Charlie, and a VERY small house that is basically a money pit. Since she NEVER gets to do anything for/pamper herself, I took her to brunch and for a pedicure. She mentioned she hadn't been in a nail salon since her wedding... 7ish years ago. We had a suburb time, talked about many important topics, and some not very important at all. The thought of Ty (her very stylish and brilliant husband), the boys, and her leaving for a PhD program really makes my heart hurt. We became fast friends with them after a Catholic Families dinner at Dr. Paul Griffith's house where I carried around their youngest around for approximately 2 hours. We are now working on an arranged marriage between Blaise (their current youngest) and Mary Margaret. 
Keep yours eyes out for their Save the Date...

Charlie and the boys this summer

Ty and Bethany with their favorite pup, Buckley, at the beach

During Bethany and my long winded conversations, we discussed was NFP. Charlie and I have been playing with the idea of it. I'm really really not into medication if not 100% necessary and taking birth control (which full disclosure, we have used in the past) does not make me over-all comfortable. There is a class going on next Sunday that we could/might/possibly attend. But with me breastfeeding, which should be understood can prevent your cycle but really shouldn't be relied on, it gets really tricky and scary... because as much as I really enjoying being a mother and with MM growing up in faster than I imagined...  it makes me want another one already (I know I'm insane) my body really does need to rest and recover.

 I am beyond excited that I have Monday off work AND Gran is coming in on Thursday to watch MM while I work on Friday!! We just love having her in town, if not just for someone to be at the house to change diapers and snuggle with MM. Plus MM gives Gran THE BEST smiles which really makes my heart sing.

I also bit the bullet and bought some new clothes... Ugh seriously 2 pant sizes bigger... Ohh and I also made the mistake of trying on skinny jeans. What was I thinking? I don't even know what was running through my mind. Bad, Bad and more Bad. But I did get some good deals on tops from Old Navy's clearance area, which helped... And they were pretty cute, good colors... lots of billowiness which is much appreciated. I'm talking like $3 and $5 for shirts... 

We are getting very skillful with ignoring Mary Margaret's middle of sleep crying. We don't even divert our eyes to the monitor or anything. We'll continue whatever we're doing and just say "Mary Margaret, use your words..." she usually stops within a few minutes... if not we will go get her. We try not to be too cruel.

I am still reeling from all of the love I've gotten from new friends via Camp Patton. The new mommy was so kind to post my thoughtful words on Raising a Daughter Catholic (Being Protestant)

So refer to the better time-managing momma's at the top of this post for many many more outfits and quips.

Thanks again!


  1. I have no children and I'm not married [yet :)]. All I have is a job and boyfriend and I can barely get my act together to open up my laptop for one post. haha. I have absolutely no excuse, but pure laziness.

    PS- L-o-o-o-o-o-v-e Grace from Camp Patton and your guest post!

  2. We use the Marquette Model for NFP and love it! I think you and your hubby should jump on board (he's getting his Master's in Theology, right?) so that he can practice what he will be possibly preaching :)

    And um yeah, post babies means the tops get a little looser and flowy around the middles, good thing they are trendy!

  3. Regarding #3: I told Grace this already but I swear by Fertility Friend mobile app for NFP purposes. I understood my cycle 300% better and it's worked perfectly for us.

    Regarding #6: HA. I tell my 18-month-old to "use your words" on the daily. It hasn't taken yet.