Monday, January 2, 2012

The Holiday Season

What-up people! Happy 2012!!

Just a little update on what we did over the Holiday Break.
 This year we had the most "Food Events" we have ever had
we had two meals two meals with Charlie's family, one with mine (all within 2 days) 
and loads of eating engagements with friends. 

I could say I haven't been eating the last 2 days, 

but we all know that's a lie :)

We did A LOT of Crossword Puzzles over the break, I was actually gifted a crossword puzzle book, so it was kinda never ending...

The next two pictures are some from the Christmas event at Charlie's aunt and uncle's house. 
Last year when we were here it was about to snow. 

Obviously that wasn't an issue this year, 
although I would have given up all my presents for it to happen.

 "He's a angry elf" - Buddy the Elf

  Bernie kicking back and awaiting his presents.

We adopted animals from the National Wildlife Federation for everyone in the family.

Bernie was the Black bear

Catherine adopted the Snowshoe Hare

Peggy was the proud mother to a Meerkat

John is daddy to a Lynx

And naturally "Natch" CB was gifted a Great Horned Owl "The wisest of all the animals"

On Christmas Day, after all the feeding events we went to the beach. 
It was wonderful, and I could be lazy, which I kinda enjoyed and kinda got me antsy.

We did use the wine glasses, I'm not going to tell you what we put in them. Could be wine, could be juice, could be jagermeister... you just never know with us McCantses.

Charlie made some awesome Chicken Rice mexican dish. Is awesome and we have it probably ever 3 weeks at our house. Plus it goes on forever, so it is good for when you need to pinch pennies.

Ohh how we love the beach...

So far it has been a great 2012. Charlie made an awesome bacon fat packed New Years day dinner that was filled with Spicy Collards, Black-eyed peas, and Pork Sirloin 
(it does exist, I had never heard of it either). 

On of the best parts of this holiday is all the sleeping I've been able to do! It's been naps galore for me, especially ones that I can do with Buckley! It's going to be a rude awakening when I have to stay awake for a whole work day, and be at work for 5 days... ugh just the thought makes me look forward to Martin Luther King Jr. day!

On January 2nd when I was lucky enough to have the day off from work ("YAY!")
Charlie, Buckley and I went to Umstead Forest which is a huge park full paths and trails. 

- A Buckley bear has been here - 

We make Buckley sit and wait for other dogs to go by... 
Nothing says good parenting like instilling good manners into our pup.

 With the light in the middle of the shot right there it reminded me of a senior portrait... It also might resemble this because they are on a wooden bridge, also it's a super sweet look of the puppy.

 Buckley running loose on the trail. We were getting a glimpse of what we were going to be like as parents. Charlie want him on a 20 foot invisible leach, where I had the faith that he would come back even if he was out of eyesight. Of course there was some compromise on the subject.
"Who would have thought I would be the strict parent" - Charlie

Needless to say, Buckley is sitting beside me on the couch comatose. He's only gotten up to potty, eat dinner, and come to sit by the table as we eat dinner. What a tough life.