Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Warrior

I should start out by saying Charlie started (re-started?) his blog and took the hop to get himself a domain name... so if you have a few, maybe, just maybe, would you? 

This weekend was really nice, went by much too quickly and had lots of ups and downs... that were mostly nap related.

I will start by saying Mary Margaret sleeps SO much better at most of her weekday care-taker's houses. And if the stars align and I cross my eyes for 20 minutes... she will take a good 2 hour nap at our house. But it is. SO. RARE!

This is the face I get...

"I'm not going to sleep mom"

Aside from not napping, we went to a new mom's play-date where we had wine with breakfast (took my feast day early, thank you) and then went to have coffee with our dear friend Meredith, who look her lickings well..

Nope, not hungry at all...

Sunday was the first weekend day in.... I don't know how long that we didn't have any real plans... so of course I filled the day with random and spur of the moment plans that could be ill- advised. We took in a rambunctious also non-napping 2 year old for a few days (wait, was it only hours? Oh, just one hour?)

Just Kidding Marina..

Like a glove

She was a good reminder as to what a toddler and a 4 month old would be like together, and it involved a lot more patience than I expected.

We also go tires and went to Costco... but all of that is pretty boring.

So, I hope everyone is as happy as I am that it's Monday. Not

Ohh on a final note, Charlie is beach bound this weekend, so if anyone wants to come over an have a slumber party with the non-napping crowd, let me know.

Until Then...


  1. Going to check out your husband now!

    (His blog! Not him!!)

  2. Love it! Hope it served as good birth control :o)