Friday, February 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes


So I joined Vine the other day, I'm really trying to get the hang of it, I didn't even really know about it until earlier this week. If I were at home with MM more, I would have a million more videos than I have now (which would be more than 1) but that is what the weekend is for, right? 

Speaking of, we have a pretty busy weekend planned so far. Tonight, Charlie is meeting some old teaching friends for the "Feast of Gluttony" at J. Betski's while I sit at home listening to the baby monitor and eating a Kashi frozen pizza (Mediterranean, if anyone cares). Guess who got the short straw for fun tonight!!

This is breaking news... Our whole house is sick. Including Mary Margaret... It is the saddest thing in the world to see your little baby sick. Cough, Flem, Sneeze... she's sleeping ok, a few hacking coughs I was lucky enough to here after her 2 am and 4 am wake ups... where IS my coffee....  I have been religiously taking her (ear entrance, not "other" exit) temperature to make sure to catch if it starts going up.  Just had a long texted discussion about RSV and we have determined she doesn't have it (yet).

More Breaking news... MM had THE cutest outfit yesterday. I figured if you're not feeling good, you might as well wear a cute outfit. I copied a twitter friend of mine who had her sweetness of a daughter dressed in it the other day. Tell me who doesn't feel good wearing jeggings? Not this baby!! 

I have a problem... I'm at work today, MM is in Raleigh (30 mins away) and I am about to run out of bag/bottles to pump into. I was a bonehead and forgot to get new ones before I left the house.
Here are my options:
1) go out at lunch #2 (having coffee with MM's Aunt Callie at 10:30, priorities) and get some bags
2) Not pump for very long, just enough for some relief
3) Empty the ziplock I have my carrots in and use that for the milk

It's going to be a game time decision I think.

This is just a really cute picture

About 4 seconds before she splashed too much and pissed herself off. Signaling the end of bath time.

I hope all of you ladies out there are wearing Red with your yoga pants (unless you actually put on real clothes when you're at home) or whatever you wear... because today is the beginning of Women's Heart Health Month and TODAY is National Wear Red day!

I was looking through my pictures and I found them gem... I can't believe I had a belly that big at one point. It seems like a million years ago!

Ohh, I'm supposed to be doing actual work today? I thought we had off because of more "Snow". Wishful thinking..


  1. Dang she's adorable no matter what she wears (or doesn't wear?)

    And I vote for the ziplock bag. :)

  2. Your baby is more stylish than I am ;).