Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes

As I type, Charlie is taking the Volkwagon (wagon) into the shop to finally get the needed repairs on it. There were a laundry list of them needed one (apparently) being a new tire. perfect. Hopefully we can finally get it inspected... I know, great parenting... driving our daughter around in a car not inspected. We like to live on the edge here at the McCants house.

I'm really kinda jumping on the cloth diaper bandwagon! I mean if you mean using the small number (5) of pocket cloth diaper combos we received as a gift, and only when we're at the house, jumping on... then yes! We Are!!  I'm not expecting the people MM stays with during the day to want to deal with all that keeping the dirty diapers around their house waiting for me (not that she poops all that often ~ once a week now) to pick them up. But it's fun (?) and we did have a HUGE poop in one of them and we survived .. and it's completely clean again AND the diaper kept it all contained!!! YAY!!

I'm actually considering buying a few more. Anyone know how many I would need to last a few days?

Charlie and I watched as many episodes of Minor Revisions as are on YouTube! I saw Jennifer tweet out that the other episodes were "live" while I was putting MM to sleep, and I couldn't wait to watch them, in a row, without leaving the couch...

I know everyone loves when I post YouTube clips... so here is another one. There are a few things I can't attest to... like having to join a book club to drink wine, I seem to do that fine as is... but almost everything else is pretty spot on.

I know I shouldn't mention it, because it's bound to jinx things, but my fabulous little girl went down SO easy last night, like barely a peep... and then.... SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT I thought my gift was the easy bedtime, but the sleeping cherry on top was a whole night of sleep. Bless you sweet child.

See, I feel really fancy that I could get that writing on sweet girl's picture up there. I took advice from Clan Donaldson and used PicMonkey to edit my pictures. There are a lot of options, and since we don't have the fancy Photoshop that many people do, this will have to work. I have really no idea what I would do with Photoshop because I don't know how to do anything with the overlays and all that stuff. 


Like many Fridays here in middle North Carolina, we were expected to get some "wintery weather" this morning. So, like good southerns, schools had a 3 hour delay. There was nothing, ok... some rain if you count that as something. But other than that... nothing but lame 'ole grey skys and a slight chill in the air. Blah

Ok, go see Jen with a few more...


  1. MM is so cute!!! I could pinch her cheeks all day long! I just watched the last Minor Revisions and wish it was a series. Stay warm!

  2. I've always used BumGenius (and LOVE them) and while I can't help but covet a bigger stash, my collection of 10-12 has always worked out great!

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