Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Once again the fab, Jen is hosting...

After reading this post, seeing that stellar mug and being the nosy person I am, I watched the first episode of Minor Revisions, and then nagged Charlie all week to watch it too. Because we are living easy breezy lives and can watch online shows instead of doing school work in the evenings... The show is wonderful and should be on prime time, because I am desperate to watch more episodes...

There were a few Valentine's miracles that happened yesterday. One being that Mary Margaret only go up once the whole night and went down surprisingly well... I'm sure it will not happen to night while Charlie and I are on our date night. Two being that I finished my weekly assignment for school and didn't feel like a complete fool upon turning it in. Three is three is that our very sweet friend Danielle and Carson welcomed their sweet little girl Ella Jane almost 2 week early at a hefty 8 pounds and 21 inches long!

AHH this makes me want another newborn.... also, I am insane.

In reference to the previous "take", Charlie and I are going out on a date night to a fancy schmancy French inspired restaurant for a post-MM-in bed dinner. He and I have already scoured the menu to decide what we're having. And since we gave up meat and booze for lent, we can spend that cash on good food. Boo for no booze, Yay for more yummy food.  


This. Is. Amazing. As Catchy as the Original, only better

Go watch that video again it's so freaking catchy


I can't think of anything to put here... Umm yea, nothing is coming

I had at least 7 mini cupcakes yesterday... well maybe not that many, but the combo of all the sugar I had this week would add up to at least 7 mini cupcakes... Also, I had a hot chocolate and espresso on Monday with Aunt Callie (She's the one in the blue, the other is her equally as wonderful mother) and it was INCREDIBLE! I was SO hyper from the high caffeine and sugar... ahh it was like being buzzed, but not...with the 'shine 

OK, here are some much more impressive quicks 


  1. Darn you for posting a newborn girl photo...I am also insane.

    Have fun on your date! No meat and no alcohol for 40 days? You guys are waaaaay stronger than us :)

  2. I'll assume it was my mug inspired you. Glad you enjoyed Minor Revisions. I wouldn't say it's a substitute for alcohol, but watching the reruns might help get you through Lent. Totally jealous of your date night. Meat or no meat, it's always nice to get a night out.