Monday, December 29, 2014

McCants Year End Review

AS 2014 is wrapping up, I thought I'd refresh as to all of the things that happened this year.


Callie and I traveled to Honduras on a Medical Missions trip. I was working on getting over first trimester morning sickness. We had a great time helping others and being constantly humbled by the needs of such a poor population.

While I was there, a surprising and tragic event happened, my dear aunt Cheryl passed quickly and Charlie had to tell me of her passing through sporadic phone service in rural Honduras. She is missed daily and her vibrant spirit is seen always.


We find out that the little bean growing inside is a sweet little girl. Our minds fill with thoughts of more pink and sisters who will be best friends and enemies for their whole lives.

I also dealt with terrible GI bug in March which debilitated me more than any other sickness I've come up against.


We celebrated the Kentucky Derby with our lovely relatives in Wake Forest, NC. They throw fabulous Derby Parties, and although each year they state that is the last one, I am so happy to see each year they continue.


We are due with our sweet little Virginia in July, and although the waiting was difficult, we did relish those last days as parents to only one beautiful girl.

July 21, 2014

Sweet Baby Virginia Mae was born. She had a few bumps in the early weeks, but things has been ::knock on wood:: smooth sailing since then.

She has been quite her own woman and really gave us a run for our money. She is quite a mommy's girl (which I LURV) and a not-so-good sleeper. But she's certainly a rascal and we love her so so very much.


Virginia has been making herself an individual in the McCants house and is telling everyone what she really thinks about every situation.

We had all hands on deck since Virginia's birth and it really made the transition much easier for all of us. I'd signed MM up for swim classes in second half of the summer and since I was still dealing with all of the postpartum lady part things, I couldn't get into the water with her. So we gave aunties and grandparents the privilege of having MM cling to them while in water.

Charlie and I celebrated 4 wonderful years of marriage with a classy meal of pizza and beer. It was just fitting for the crazy life we were living at the time.


Our cherished first born turned 2 this month and found a new appreciation for birthday cake, and future implications that all parties are birthday parties and need cake. For which I agree.


We hosted Thanksgiving for the first time in our teeny town home. It was crazy and packed, but really showed us that we enjoy the chaos of having a house full of love and people.


And for Christmas, among other things, Charlie and I are giving our family something we've always wanted. A stay at home mother and wife. Come the end of January 2015 I will be the Stay at Home Mom for my girls and begin honing my skills as a terrible homemaker. I am beyond excited about making breakfasts and occasionally finishing my cup of coffee, fighting tooth and nail for nap times, and attending every library story time I can get my hands on. We will have to make tons of changes and sacrifices to make this work, but I know at the end of the day it will be be best for our family.

Now that I'll be around the girls non-stop, get your insta-eyes ready, as I'll be bombarding you with more pictures than ever of our little family. You're welcome!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A quick scroll through as you're watching trashy Christmas Movies

OK, so there is really no theme to this post. It's really just a photo dump.

Ohh right, we got Virginia baptized. Mandi and David are her wonderful Godparents.

 And she MAY like them. Pretty much other than Charlie and I, Mandi and David were her next favorites that evening.

I will note that she had been sleeping amazingly poor the days leading up to her baptism and that night she was up only once. ONCE. And then I had to wake her for the day the next morning. Of course that didn't last and my hopes of the bed sleeping demons had been exorcized, were crushed.

We had our dear friend Meredith take pictures for us. I, of course, now regret my outfit selection, but the rest of the family looks great. And we even got one with us all looking AND smiling (except for V, that would have been a miracle).

We had Thanksgiving #1 at our tiny apartment, but the McCants Thanksgiving was the Sunday after and was wonderful because there was a fried turkey and it wasn't at my house.

MM holding court, asking for food, per her usual.

Boom came across a few different sizes of lifejackets for this coming summer.

And then came Advent.

Some of Charlie's students who came to Virginia's baptism gave us this AWESOME Christmas sweater. Can I say an infant Christmas sweater is probably one of the best things ever.

And Saint Nicholas came (Virginia's and Nana's shoes got some treats)

then, I tried to re-create those really cute Christmas light with your kids. And it went about as well as can be expected.

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