Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A quick scroll through as you're watching trashy Christmas Movies

OK, so there is really no theme to this post. It's really just a photo dump.

Ohh right, we got Virginia baptized. Mandi and David are her wonderful Godparents.

 And she MAY like them. Pretty much other than Charlie and I, Mandi and David were her next favorites that evening.

I will note that she had been sleeping amazingly poor the days leading up to her baptism and that night she was up only once. ONCE. And then I had to wake her for the day the next morning. Of course that didn't last and my hopes of the bed sleeping demons had been exorcized, were crushed.

We had our dear friend Meredith take pictures for us. I, of course, now regret my outfit selection, but the rest of the family looks great. And we even got one with us all looking AND smiling (except for V, that would have been a miracle).

We had Thanksgiving #1 at our tiny apartment, but the McCants Thanksgiving was the Sunday after and was wonderful because there was a fried turkey and it wasn't at my house.

MM holding court, asking for food, per her usual.

Boom came across a few different sizes of lifejackets for this coming summer.

And then came Advent.

Some of Charlie's students who came to Virginia's baptism gave us this AWESOME Christmas sweater. Can I say an infant Christmas sweater is probably one of the best things ever.

And Saint Nicholas came (Virginia's and Nana's shoes got some treats)

then, I tried to re-create those really cute Christmas light with your kids. And it went about as well as can be expected.

Back to watching Love Actually

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