Monday, November 28, 2011

Our little boy turned 2!!

Among the other festivities going on around the McCants house, our sweet little Buckley turned two. 
Now, when I tell people I have a puppy, I'm sure they assume it looks something like this:

- This was Buckley on the day we got him. He was sacred and sweet, and super worn out at the end of it, we had paraded his sweet tuccus around Raleigh like you would not have believed!-
But I think we ALL know that your 12 year old smelly dog will always be your sweet puppy.

This is Buckley as of this morning. He currently can and will take up more than half of our couch.
Forcing Charlie and I to snuggle closer (extra treats for the Buckley Bear, hehe) 
and has been known to barge into our bedroom at 7:00 am for a snuggle sesh. 
He was super cute yesterday morning, which is why I didn't get outta bed until about 8:30. 
Really wanted me all to himself so he punched and sneezed at Charlie.

What can I say, I think he loves his mommy. 

Here is another little run down on Buckley's day yesterday:
 Snuggle with mommy (punch and sneeze on daddy)
A little egg yokes for breakfast to add some gleam to the coat
Napped on the couch
Helped mommy get dressed for Church
Had some snacks of lunch  leftovers with mommy and daddy
Post-dogpark bath.....
Being angry with mommy and daddy
Post-Bath Nap
Watch Mommy and Daddy have dinner
Nap until bedtime

I had every intention of making him put on a Birthday Hat and all this, 
but I was following his lead and being lazy. 
I mean, I was just trying to please him...

After his fur was dry from his bath he was softer than usual... and that is saying
A LOT because he is a soft furred pup.

Gran (Buckley's grandma) looked up cat and dog pet ages and how they relate to human ages. Turns out Buckley is a whopping 24 dog years as of yesterday! He's catching up to me FAST. Dogs do slow down as they get older, but an older and wiser puppy is never a bad thing. We get to sleep a little more these days.

Stay tuned because someone else is having a birthday in the next 7 days as well...