Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgving... McCants Style

Happy almost Turkey Day everyone!!

Lucky me, I'm still working today (one of the "perks" only working for 3 months... no vaca yet)
Everyone does get tomorrow off, but the crowd is pretty sparse here at the DCRI!

I'm in charge of one and only one thing this Thanksgiving! And I didn't even have to buy it... this is wonderful. Also, it's Roasted Brussel Sprouts... so even if no one eats them but Charlie and I, there will be many for me to take home and enjoy on the way home  this Weekend!

Because I haven't taken any fancy pictures of the B. Sprouts in action, I'm going to share some images of that I HOPE they look like.


Don't these just look wonderful?! I know they smell up the entire house, but people can get over that :)
Look at me being all bossy about the little guys!

Another dish I'm pumped about is the salad mom is preparing, since Mom and I have been watching our saucy figures we have been trying to modify recipes that we feel better about putting into our tight little tummys (right mom?)
She is making two things that very much intrigue me...

One is a roasted pear salad with some dank feta cheese (goat cheese would be good too) on it with some nuts and other good things

Another is this AMAZING looking twice baked sweet potato with some sweet goodness in the form of nuts and sugar on it...with the cinnamon and all that jazz. I am SO excited to see how these turn out!

Don't these look killer!! AHH I can't wait.

And even if these don't turn out so well, Charlie and I are bringing some gorilla sized bottles of red and white wine, so it will taste good to us anyway!

I hope everyone has a super Thanksgiving!

Remember to wear stretchy pants for comfort!

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