Saturday, April 13, 2013

Outdoor Giggles and Poppin' tags

This work week consisted of crazy weather, loads of stand still traffic, and a lack of hearing JT's song Suit and Tie.

It ended with a sweet child o' mine coming to the office, cupcakes and ice cream, and a very very very good friend coming over for grocery shopping, shrimp fajita, the "big tub" of Guac, the "big bottle" of white wine, and Ted Talks.  Ahh life is so good.

Also important to note, Mary Margaret for the last two weekends has slept until 7 am. That is 12 hours, bam. I love her so much.

Saturday morning we went to downtown Raleigh for the ALS walk.

We had great weather and a great time, and can say that we contributed to the largest group of strollers at the walk. We had about 32 adults, 7 "older" kids and 9 babies and has a group raised $8,135 for Sophie's mom who was diagnosed with ALS recently. 

Post walk we wanted to be those "cool downtown parents" who take their kids to bars and drink micro brews beside guys that look like Anthony Bourdain. We then canceled out the coolness by wearing matching t-shirts and tennis shoes.

We love our "taggie" pup

I also nursed Mary Margaret in the middle of the walk, not actually walking, and at the cool downtown bar, on the sidewalk both times without an "utter cover". Charlie was slightly concerned about the second, but then I gave him the stink eye and he got over it.

I should note that I made a serious first-time-mommy-i-don't-know-what-i'm-doing move today. I hadn't gotten our Ivory Princess a hat for this spring, nor did I have the foresight for sunscreen for anyone.  Yes, you guessed it, MM may have her first slight sunburn.

No need to send mommy guilt my way, it was delivered first class this afternoon around 4 PM.

Final note, our AC, as always, is on the fritz and Charlie made the executive decision to open all the windows in the house with the pollen shower that rained down on Raleigh. Hence, it brought out the crazo mommy with large large amounts of cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, wiping, worry, and wine drinking.

Ok, I think that is a fair recount.


  1. why will utter cover always be funny to me? sounds like a fun weekend so far!

  2. You don't want to use sunscreen on your baby anyways because their skin is thinner and the lotion absorbs through it more easier. You can start using it after 6 months and even then some doctors say to wash it off after a short amount of time. Shade and hats are your best bet.

  3. All this talk of wine is giving me a major craving... at 8:30 in the morning. Crap.

    Love the post!