Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another person, AGAIN!

"You have a person growing in you, AGAIN"

Charlie said that riiiiight after I started swinging my belly around like the Phillies Phanatic

The good stuff starts about 1:30 into it

I've done this before except it was a little further along in the act.

It was also after I ate all of the things made of sugar in the house. Ice cream, oreos, and frozen fruit, just to make myself feel better.

I'm SURE it's just the pregnancy hormones or whatever but this new Subaru commercial really makes me sad.

When the car pulls up to the school and that sweet little hand opens the back door and says "Bye Bye". I scream at Charlie "That could be sweet Mary Margaret's hand!!! It's so small! It could be hers!!"

The last couple of nights I've been dealing with some serious pregnancy insomnia, which doesn't help when you really need to get up and get people out of the house. Charlie is really the ring leader of the morning. He gets breakfast for everyone (except himself, because he's too busy), AND AND AND he makes the coffee. Oh, sweet nectar.

I'm sure that people at work are like "Laura is starting to look a little more disheveled, she must not be getting enough sleep or too much sleep and still not getting up in time to put herself together".

And to make things worse they apparently were "working on the water" here in North Raleigh and the water was really nasty brown. MM was not convinced by her bath water and was really concerned. We honestly thought she had pooped in the bath again, but no... it was that other natural murky brown stuff.

Charlie called the utility company and they said to run the water for 20 minutes and it should be better. I call your bluff water emergency line, we ran it for close to an hour and we still have murk.

I was of course thinking the worst possible scenario (that is generally what I do). When I worked for that terrible HOA management company, there were so many town homes where a tree root had made it's way through the pipes and was a nightmare to repair. You had to have the city come and dig up your yard, then replace the pipe and your yard had a big dirt line through the ground. Especially living in an HOA where you not only have to have the city do the work, but the HOA needs to be involved too and in many neighborhoods, that is easier said than done.

So, I've been drinking all things not water, not planning cooking anything that needs water, and hoping I can get by with one more day without a shower. Gross? Wait until Virginia is born... it's gonna get all kinds of gross.

I know this wasn't the MOST funny and lively post but,