Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another WIN as a mother

Is 3:00 PM on a Wednesday an appropriate time to start drinking?


I really wish it were, as I can now take the title of the world worst worst mother.

It was seemingly innocent scenario, we were having lunch with friends who also have a young child and an infant.

MM and the other family were going to the play place at a busy Chick-fil-a on a very very rainy day. As MM was walking to the play place, I notice that she'd peed through her cloth diaper and her leggings. Good, win for me.

Then, and here is when the big one happens, I have been nursing V at our table and see that there was a free seat in the play place area. So I put V into her car seat, not buckling the harness like the horrible mother I am, and start moving thinking I could start nursing her again when I got settled in the play place. Half way through I noticed that the car seat was lighter suddenly, I turn around and there is V on the floor face down in the middle of a Chick-fil-a.

Now, seeing your infant on facedown on the floor in public (or anywhere unexpected) is something that is burned deeeeeeep into your motherly mind. I am fully prepared to have night terrors about it for the coming lifetime.

It took everything in my power not to sit down and cry clutching V in the middle of the fast food joint.

As I was trying to nurse my crying daughter,  I notice that the very helpful and polite Chick-fil-a staff was mopping up behind my chair. Apparently V's last little burping session left a little more than just some spit up on my shoulder. You're welcome teens that had come to do their lunch-time devotionals. This is what you have to look forward to in motherhood.

After going back to a friend's house and letting MM run around bottomless for the rest of our visit, I called the peds office, like a chump, which they told me to of course... watch her and make sure she's acting OK and breathing OK and you should be fine. I also googled this little ditty from Dr. Sears and held her for the rest of her life.

To make ourselves feel better I got her all dolled up in baby jeggings and a headbad because that is dolled up to me.

At one point when I was overcoming my inability to mother. I was thisclose to snapping a picture of MM's urinary ensemble, but thought that was bad taste.

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  1. Oh that's terribly scary!! To make you feel better, you should know that ever single one of our toddlers has with fallen off our bed or down the stairs.