Friday, November 16, 2012

Let the games begin

Yes, this is happening.

We are so blessed to have so many friends and family visiting, and coming with very full and tasty hands. It's a good thing I'm breast feeding, because I can eat as many helpings of the yummy foods and drink as I can take, right?

I'm going to get back on the wagon soon, I hope... We do have some frozen dishes that may keep me stuffed until the REAL Thanksgiving. So it may continue

In other, more important news... Mary Margaret only woke up ONCE last night!! It was amazing and may have involved a certain sound machine and lots of feeding earlier in the evening. The night before she slept 5 hours and then woke every 2 hours, but I was still thrilled!

Charlie and I woke up at 1:30 am and just stared at her trying to decide if she was breathing. Charlie had put her down in her crib and gone to sleep in the glider (notably uncomfortable) while I had gone to sleep at 9:00 pm in a huff because she was still cranky after lots of feeding. 

Anyway, not sure if that makes any sense, but she is still alive and only woke up at 2:45 am to nurse and then went back to sleep immediately until she slept until 7:30 am. It was fantastic and I'm sure will not happen again for the next 2 months.

She's slightly confused with the state of my angry nips

So onto my breast issues I'm STILL dealing with 

I had been told to get Mupirocin and use that for a while to see if it would heal the large crack and puss "looking" stuff on my nip.

Well that was a bust, so I went to the midwives and she prescribed me Newman's Nipple Cream. Which you can ONLY get at a compound pharmacy and costs almost as much as it cost to birth Mary Margaret. 

I was told to come back to the midwives if there was not a signifiant change by Friday, so still no improvement, I go in... the lack-luster OB that we saw (note: not a midwive) told us that the only thing he could do is prescribe Difucan in case it was yeast-y and to see what happens, because there is so little research on nipple problems.

I believe that there are SO few people that have few breast feeding/ nipple break down issues, that there should be research or something to tell people what to do when these problems happen.

It could just be that the OB was a crock.

Either way I'm just going to keep using the cream and praying, or I may try some hippy-dippy stuff and get some cabbage to put on the ole' utters.

So, we're about 3.5 weeks in and here are some recent highlights

  • Sleeping for long chunks, which I'm sure will cease because I'm certain to jinx myself
  • Nearly positive I saw my first -awake- smile. I may continue to cry when I think about it
  • Really dislike the fact she has tears now, it makes her crying so much worse for me (always know who is really important)
  • Breast Shields are hard to find (at least the local Walgreens and CVS do not carry them)
  • My all time favorite daytime with her is right when we're both getting up for the day and the daylight is on her face before and after feeding, it's really when she is looking the most amazing.
  • The milk jugs that are attached to me continue to spring random leaks and ruin most-all social situations

 Here is one of the fantastic pictures that my very good friend Meredith took of Her Highness when she was less than a week old. There are others that I'm saving for announcements and other events.

If I don't get around to it, happy gobble day. 

I'll obviously be wearing maternity pants to our event. Why not enjoy it while I can right? 

Although, I am looking forward to the day where I can wear pants with working belt loops again.

Ohh to dream.


  1. Sorry about the issues with the girls. Hopefully something you're doing will start getting results soon! (I totally used cabbage a time or two, but it wasn't with nipple issues--though it might still soothe.)
    So happy for a couple of good sleeping nights! It makes SUCH a difference!
    Hope to see you all again soon!

  2. Ok, so I found your blog through Grace @Camp Patton and am so sorry to read about the nursing issues! I am sort of a walking advertisement for vitamin E capsules: I used lanolin (A joke) w/ my first 2 and still had so much pain and other issues but with my 3rd I brought the vitamin E to the hospital and started putting on right away and it transformed my nursing. It has a really wonderful healing quality to it so I totally recommend it. It may be too late, but it's worth trying if you havent yet. good luck!!

  3. I bought breast shields at Burlington Coat Factory/Baby Depot in Durham. That was back in the day (8 years ago) but the dog thought they were scooby snacks... I bought a lot of them. The most fun was sending my father in law to buy them in a desperate moment :) Hang in there and give me a shout if you need anything!