Sunday, November 18, 2012

Our New Typical

Breaking news!  I found this on Pinterest!

This my friends is Wine Ice Cream there is 5% alcohol and is only found in Florida, DC and NY. It comes in something like 5 flavors and is a combo that equals to awesomeness.

In other news, this is now my Saturday looked:

  • Woke up after 3 times night time feedings, once that included a sheet and outfit change (Charlie got that one, hehe)
  • Sent Charlie out for Frozen Waffles, Cabbage, and Holiday Starbucks ( I got the Gingerbread Latte and Chuckles got the Eggnog Latte, they were both really yummy)
  • Watch the Raleigh Christmas Parade while eating aforementioned waffles, 1/2 a banana and some peanut butter
  • Continued to watch Christmas Parade while sitting in my mistletoe PJ pants and applying cabbage to my chesty area
  • Went to Target - which didn't involve the meltdown that we expected
  • Mary Margaret and I look a walk/run where we almost died, but didn't. I did feel like a real person again.
  • Took a shower (was working on day 3 without a shower)
  • Watched 3/4th of an episode of Friday Night Lights
  • Watched 2 episodes of Parks and Rec season 2
  • Fought with Mary Margaret to go to sleep for 4 hours
She loved the fall chill in the air

So far today (Sunday) we woke up really tired and went to Mass (our first!!) where she was of course "the" person to see at he end of Mass. We had leftovers for lunch and watched another (2) Parks and Rec episodes.

OK that's all we've done.  

We're going to High Point for Thanksgiving and it will be Mary Margaret's longest trip so far! Get excited and maybe bring some ear plugs.

Now I'm done.

Enjoy your Sunday Funday, or whatever.

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