Monday, November 26, 2012

What I Wore Sunday, among other things

And other fragments of the weekend...

 This is to be used for the What I Wore Sunday

I keep forgetting to get the whole body shot...
Dress: Old Jcrew
Necklace: Some store I can't remember in Greensboro, NC
Shoes: Same Paisley Flats from Old Navy

Saturday morning we (I) invited ourselves to the wonderful Offner's for breakfast, they kindly obliged and proceeded to feed and clothe us (Mary Margaret really) while we caught up on the last month + of our new lives...

Sweet Sofia said "Baby" approximately 5000 times

We then made our rounds with the aunts...

Aunt Allison was only making Thanksgiving dinner for... oh, 14 people and dropped everything to hold sweet MM

I didn't get a picture with Aunt Callie, but when we were there we (I) ate popcorn, Almonds, and Thanksgiving leftovers... She was so sweet to feed me (see a pattern here? I do buy/make food myself, promise) and we watched old episodes of Parenthood (amazing show!)

After a long night of 2 hour sleep sesh(s)... compliments of sweet 3M we were up before the sun and I was doing this for about an hour until she finally feel asleep...

Bounce wit me

We sat here and watch 3 episodes of this seasons Glee, she was of course inthralled by the love triangle with Finn, Rachel, and that new super hot guy she's in school with. I'm loving that they have been using some non-current pop songs in the episodes (first time around No Doubt! Awesome!)

How granola is all this baby-wearing i've been doing? I hope she's super attached to me for her whole life. I plan on breast feeding for up to 3 years and pre-chewing her food and feed it like a baby bird just like Alicia Silverstone (yea.. "search engine" that non-sense).

We went to a good friends house for a early Holiday season party. Where Mary Margaret got to meet the Jolly Man for the first time. She was crying the whole time and he was an amazing Santa (apparently the Governor uses him... how fancy) and he made Charlie and I BOTH sit on his lap while we were taking the picture.

We tried to believe it wasn't strange having two grown people sitting on Santa's lap... SC said that when she looks back at the pictures, she won't recognize herself, but will recognize us... makes sense I guess.

If you look VERY closely you'll see that 1/3 of us had an outfit change... someone had an EXPLOSIVE diaper on her super cute Christmas outfit.

Ho Ho Ho.

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