Saturday, November 24, 2012

What I Wore Thanksgiving

So, to humor Mrs. Patton

I'm joining all the cool people at Fine Linen and Pearls with the "What I Wore Sunday" but this is a special addition for Thanksgiving.

I know that is was supposed to do a full length shot, but the one I took I didn't like.

Top: Lauren Conrad for Khols
Jeans: Old Navy Maternity
Paisley Flats (not that you can see them): Old Navy

We began our first Thanksgiving con Baby with a peaceful non-screaming 1.5 hour trip to High Point, NC.

When we got there Gran began her watch of holding her granddaughter for 18 of the 24 hours in the day. While she was baby-holding I got to type this blog post, and watch My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding on TLC, I'm not proud to say that we (I coerced my family to watch it too) watched for 4 hours. I will mention that we don't have cable so we gotta have our guilty pleasure when we (I) can.

Gran and I popped out for traditional (?) Pre-Thanksgiving Chinese food between beers. While we left the boys with the little one. This was the first time that Charlie was left with Mary Margaret, it thank goodness it was a short trip.

Her Highness' sleeping habits were of course disrupted where I was up many hours of the evening because she wanted her Thanksgiving meal early (naturally)

Uncle Daniel was able to get some MM time in, he couldn't get over how cute and little she was. He's going to be amazed at how big she'll be next time he sees her.

She was a little angel of course during everyone else's Thanksgiving dinner, she only required my pinky finger directly in her mouth (not a paci fan) and rocking her for about 2 hours. Easy Peasy. Actually I only ate half of my Thanksgiving meal one handed, apparently it's a must learned skill my new parents (read: usually the moms).

Gran spent her Thanksgiving making everything for the whole meal, with little help from me, Grandpa George, or Uncle Daniel. Charlie was a bit of a help, because he made a really good Apple/Pear Kabob with some topping that was fantastic.

When we finally made it home on Friday afternoon sleeping was fantastic, MM slept in her crib with a receiving blanket swaddle (we have learned that swaddling her legs is the key, we think). And slept a great 4, 3, 3 hour sleep cycle. Before her and Charlie took a daddy-daughter bath. It was nice to try and get on a "schedule", I say that very loosely...

Here is her sleeping next to me as I'm typing this. She's out, and amazingly cute.

Great photography skills

Let me know if you'd like me to come and photography you're next big event...

It's inspiring how much I can not like her when she wakes up multiple times a night, fights her swaddle, wiggle and fights my boob when feeding... and then I fall in love with her all over again when morning comes.

I hope everyone is excited to hear this some multiple times in the next month!! I was excited in July

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  1. ah. I LOVE that you and your Gran go get chinese before the big meal ... that is my kind of tradition. I feel like pregnancy and chinese food were married in a former life --- they go SO well together.

    and you look awesome awesome awesome and that little lady IS amazingly cute.

    thanks for humoring me ... I don't promise to stop pestering anytime soon.

    GO IRISH. Pray Simon gets a free minute to sneak me and the kids into his call room so I can watch the game.