Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here Mousy Mousy Mousy


We had a mouse in our house for the last few day months, and have been quietly ignoring him (we called it a him in hopes that he didn't leave little baby mice in our house). We would hear the pitter patter of little mice feet in the ceiling, and in the past found little "presents" in the cabinets.

The last proverbial straw had fallen... Onesimus the mouse was prancing around our kitchen counters with his weak bowels and I was done playing games.

This morning after my shower, Charlie informed me that last night he'd SEEN Onesimus scurry by his chair and among the multitude of papers/books that live beside the chair. I flipped my script on him and told him we needed to end this right that very minute.

After a breakfast of indian-style (is that saying "PC"?) sitting in the dining room table chair (to avoid the obvious mouse running across my feet), and conversation of nothing but how to rid the home of mouses, I "search-engined" how to catch a mouse... not kill a mouse.

Here is what I found first.... it's really weird and boring, but works amazingly.. and gets a little morbid once the mouse is actually caught.

I thought about trying it this very morn, but thought it might not be humane to let Onesimus sit in the trash can the whole day just awaiting his fate. And hearing him in there would drive Buckley insane.

At work Onesimus was all I had on my mind..

(other than the fact I'd forgotten some critical pieces to my pumping repertoire and so I milked myself like a cow this morning in the place of pumping)

Once I got home I couldn't wait to set the plan into action, and at 6:00 pm the trap was set.

Nothing, nothing, nothing until post-MM-bedtime and we're eating the most random dinner possible because we don't wanna go to the store.

I see something out of the corner of my eye... something darts across the kitchen towards the fridge. I screech and jump up on my chair (I never thought I would be to stereotypical about this) while Charlie looks and sees our little man. I look before trying to push him out with the broom. And darn it, he's kinda cute... Those ears really do get me...

Anyway, after he vanishes into thin air, we assume he's climbed into the fridge (completely normal) and go about our relaxing dinner completely on edge.

Buckley sees something move and we all jump into action. Eventually Charlie gets him to go outside, and we think he may be gone for a few days.

NOT... 2 hours later we hear a rustle behind the couch, in our "no man's land" of random tables, kids toys, and handheld vacuums. I flip again, and command Charlie to find out what it is. After no success we sit back down and finish watching The Mindy Project.

9:47 pm we hear the tube fall... It was a success!!! I make Charlie go check, obviously, and he goes "Aww, he looks so darned cute in there" YES! it worked. I then sweetly demand Charlie to drive him far far away where he can't Homeward Bound his way back to us.

I think I may set the trap again tomorrow night just to make sure there were no cousins or distant relatives that were hosteling here as well.

I was sure this "thing" looked beastly... like this...

But, no... his tail was way shorter.


  1. I HATE MICE!!!

    Sorry for yelling, but I am so scared of them. I'm pro-life except when it comes to rodents in the house.

    And my kids were taught "Criss Cross Applesauce" in school, so I guess Indian Style is not PC :)

  2. I think setting mouse traps would only be a waste of time, LcMcCants. If a mouse was able to come inside your house, it only means it found a way in. Getting rid of one won’t stop the others from coming in, so I suggest calling a professional pest control before it becomes an infestation.

    Selena Slough