Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bring'um Out, Bring'um Out

I have been known to pop a boob out in public a few times here and there. And just found a WORLD of support and resources from Jessica Martin-Weber at The Leaky Boob she recently wrote a little blog post about being told to wear a nursing cover while at lunch in Las Vegas... you know... that place where pictures of topless women are at every corner (yes, with pasties on their nips for "modestly") but it had a great turn when the management did a 180 and apologized to her for asking her to cover.

She sited these laws, for eash state that permit uncover breastfeeding. 
Here is North Carolina's
"Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a woman may breast feed in any public or private location where she is otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether the nipple of the mother’s breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breast feeding."

Which means I can breastfeed without a cover... and even do a nip slip (accidental of course, ha) and I'm still cool. 

Thinking about it, people should be more concerned with parents feeding their children McDonald's cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets than seeing someone nurse their child. Which is the more healthy and natural choice. I vote for the boob.

I'm back at work "Booooo. Booo. Booo" I know, and thank you. But for my next pay check, "Yay" (I agree) they needed my "Clearance" from the Midwives. So I called up my fave 
on-call nurse (shout out to Jennifer) for her to fax me the form and as she was finishing the call with me I know she was thinking " Wow...I hope that's the last time I talk to Laura McCants in a while... because we were on a once, sometimes, trice a day call for a while." Bye Jen, it's been real.

Well it was inevitable... Mary Margaret is 3 months old today. We have been "going at" this parenting things for 3 whole months... and she's still breathing, only been injured by mom twice, and has very stuffed cheeks and rolls to show for it.

Per her grandmother "Gran" 's request she is also in 6 month clothing. And as much as I hate to admit it... they obviously fit better.

My outfit today is one I feel a little more confident in, the skirt is an OLD very stretchy skirt from about 3 years ago. The top is just as old (from Express of all places, saying that I feel like a teenager again!). I will admit there is a very tight cami and the skirt is zipped up to my baby feeders, but it's on! HA! That lighting is not the most flattering, they should have taken the mirror-likness of the walls into consideration when putting those lights in...

Here is a tip from Nancy Holtzman (you know.. my girl Nanc): If you're having some pain (like yours truly)  on the "taps" with that initial tug from the breast pump... she suggests putting some EVOO (or just any ole' olive oil) on there for some lubrication. So, I do of course, because I do everything she says...but I wonder if something like this is going on...

Olive Oil is healthier at least, right?

Off to read the most resent Bachelor episode via Ashley Jones

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