Monday, January 7, 2013

Gimme someplace to nurse!!

I'm as surprised as you are that something OTHER than the Dowtown Abbey Season 3 premier happened this weekend!

First things first, we bid on Ebay to get this wonderful thing, it's called the Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit. And let me inform you, no joke about the MAGIC! Prior to wearing this Lady Mary Margaret would only sleep for 45 mins MAX swaddled in her crib and even less without wearing anything. So we tried it on Saturday afternoon. It was revolutionary. And she looked so stinkin cute in it.

She also slept like this for 1.5 hours, which is wonderful. I approve... and it's a great transition from the swaddle which our "solid" babe is getting too big for by the feeding.

Also on Friday night we visited with another sweet woman, Kelly,  that will be sitting for Maria Margarita 2 Fridays a month, we then had plans to have a scrumptious dinner with some great friends who had recently returned from England for the holidays and were anxious to see.

Amid all of the visiting we were doing, sweet-patient MM was of course getting hungry... I nursed her in the "lego" room at Kelly's house but only half of the meal because we needed to get on the move... Turns out, by the time we made it down the street to Whole Foods MM was chompin for the rest of her meal. As Charlie was running in for essentials (Read: Pie and Booze) I nursed our child in the front seat of our Volvo in the well-it parking lot. Popped out the boob in all it's glory.

Then the modest little one decided she was going to poop her massive daily poop in my lap of said parking lot. We then did a very quick-cold-messy diaper change in the trunk section of the station wagon. Good thing I was warm in my jeans and coat. MM seemed not to be thrilled with the temperature of her lady parts as I was changing her. Can't imagine why.

We made it to dinner safely where I ate my meal holding MM while she slept = dead weight and had a good share of wine (apparently I drink wine more quickly than before... making up for lost time?).

Caturday (Saturday) we "slept in" until 7am then we met a group of brand new mommy friends at the Farmer's Market Restaurant

My bangs make me look like I have a bowl cut

Note: Teddy, the one in the overalls (the only boy) did kiss Mary Margaret's hand prior to this picture and tried to steal the ober-cute head wrap off of Layla's head. Tiffany is in a LOAD of trouble with this one.

I ended up nursing MM in the waiting area of this restaurant (Do I have a problem?) while we were waiting on all of the mommies to show... Only because they wouldn't seat us until our whole party was there... so they get to have a possible boob flash in their waiting area. I won this!

Later in the day we went to the Annual Peggy McCants Dinner at 42nd Street Oyster Bar. It was MM's first time there and she would certainly get at least an A for her behavior  She did do LOTS of looking around as I was feeding her (read: Did NOT nursing her here, where was I raised, a barn?) but what can you ask of an infant in a loud restaurant? 

Downton Day (AKA Sunday)
We finally get out of the house with everyone dressed and not leaking to make it to Mass. Admittedly my fault that we were running 5 minutes late. But Mass was packed!! So we did what the cool kids do, and took MM out of the car seat that would NO way fit into the pew. I had planned on feeding the sweet angel in the pew.. but she had other plans and would only eat with me holding her in the back of the church. All-in-all she got a B+ only because she sat on my lap and listened to the Homily without a peep, and went up for her blessing just fine. Other than that she was a hick-upping, fist sucking, rarely consolable baby.

After that Mary Margaret and I went on a ladies afternoon to coffee and Target(ing) with Aunt Callie then a quick jaunt around Jenny and Katelyn's neighborhood before we went to a very fancy dinner at Moe's where MM and I danced, and ate lots of salsa.

All of this made it even more difficult to go back to work this morning, and the waterworks began about 6:45 this AM when she was napping on the nursing pillow and I didn't want her or I to leave. I just wanted to snuggle and play with her for the rest of our lives (completely normal right?).

OK... Another reason I'm not THRILLED to be back to work, it ALL of the gross sounding coughing that is coming out of my office. Gross and Grosser.

Alright, you have been so sweet to make it to the end of this, now go grab a mini reeces cup like I just did.

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