Monday, January 21, 2013

You and Me Day

Charlie and I met at a bar downtown Raleigh March 2009. And our first "Official" Date was March 21 2009.

Being the sappy couple we are, we celebrate EVERYTHING. Since March 21, 2009 we have been celebrating the months, as they pass, that we are together.

We even got married on a 21st.  August 21, 2010...

Yes.. very short dating (he proposed December 2009) and 9 month engagement.
When you know you know... and we just "knew"


So every 21st day of the month we do something special...

It has ranged from flowers to dinners to a good beer/ bottle of wine that we share. As time has gone on the "You and Me Day" festivities have gotten more modestly, but the love and appreciation for each other is still there.

Today, while I was cleaning the bathrooms (yes, it's on record... I did clean the bathrooms today) I looked at my watch, and "Ohh today is You and Me day" I'd forgotten.

As I was checking my phone Charlie had sent me a text, he had remembered too.. "Happy You and Me Day" it said.

What are we going to do to celebrate us today? Not sure, it may be just splitting a burrito bowl from Chipolte, or it may be a good (read: Cheap) bottle of wine.

I hope it's the latter...

I thought I would just add this picture of these penguins because it was on my hard drive and I thought it was insanely cute, and they seem remotely happy.

Everyone can go out and celebrate Charlie and Laura day today!!

OK now GO!


  1. We are total saps and celebrate all our "-iversaries" as well. Love that you call it "you and me day"!