Friday, January 11, 2013

The quickest of Quicks

7 Quick Takes for you...
I have to admit something today, I apparently am going to win the Mom of the Year award, I'll start writing my acceptance speech now...

A) I was told that if you got into the bath with baby and then blew on their face, right before you put their head underwater they wouldn't hate it. Wrong. At least for MM. She thought I was drowning her... and I did it only for a split second, but it was scaring for both of us.

B) In an effort to please both MM and Buckley, I was going to put MM in the baby Bjorn to throw the ball with Buckley outside. I go to lift her out of the bumbo-like thing and BAM! I had lifted her up and into the chandelier.... fantastic...She screamed immediately and didn't stop for 10 minutes. She also had, what I would describe as a "gash" which was really just a scratch on her head. We both cried for a little about the whole thing and waited in the pediatrician's office for 1.5 hours before seeing him for <10 minutes. We also lost $25 in the process for a co-pay. But whatever...

It was just like the Friend's episode where Monica was throwing Ben in the air and hit his head "Monica Bang!" I thought about that the WHOLE time I was trying to get her to stop crying

I can kinda sorta put myself into my largest pants I own. Which is only a slight achievement...Not really though, because I think I've just stretched them out enough to not be skin tight.I would rather just spend most of my time in yoga pants and t-shirts, that's OK right?

Our super crazy semester has officially begun, Charlie is working a part time job at St. Thomas More Academy High School, going to school 4 times a week, and being a daddy. I only have to work, be a working-nursing mommy, and one Graduate School class, Ohh and also try to lose these extra 20 pounds... Not a big deal

Charlie and I have been snacking on this Veggie Stew that I made on Tuesday. It was really good but did give me LOTS of gas :) So if you wanna make it just be prepared to do the poot and walk away for a few days.

I've made it through 1 whole week of Mary Margaret being in childcare, she of course is doing a great job with the ladies... I'm just doing ok. I'm getting more used to it, but it's really only because she's really close to my work most days and I know I can come see her whenever. It's the days when she's in Raleigh and I'm in Durham (30 mins on a good day) that are harder I really feel much more comfortable when the caretakers are able to text me about how she's doing. It really puts my mind at ease.

My sweet mother may come into town this weekend (only for Saturday really) to watch MM while we go to a baptism class and I also have a very sweet friend's bridal shower as well.Mostly I'm excited to see my mom and how her and MM act together, it really is the cutest thing.

I really wanna make some cookies this weekend...Maybe some Monster Cookies are in the cards. Ohh they are soo good, and so bad... One Christmas in college I made two or three batches to take home with me. There were cookies on every flat surface in that little duplex. 

OK those were all completely random. Happy Friday!

Ana and Colleen, along with the ever popular Grace who I'm sure will have some out today as well.

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