The McCantses

The McCantses
And yes, that is how you're supposed to pluralize our name... from what Charlie tells me...


This picture is from our engagement pictures... 
and is my favorite to use for all things that I want to look pretty.

Originally from High Point, NC (Furniture Capital of the World, Whoop Whoop) I went to college at East Carolina University intending to be a nursing major. I then dropped outta that mess into Worksite Health Promotion (message me if you really care to know what that means) and am currently working at Duke Clinical Research Institute as a Clinical Trials Assistant and getting my Masters in Health Education online at East Carolina.

I really enjoy coffee, reading overly popular books once someone leads them to me, puzzles of any kind, Diet Coke, Goat Cheese, napping, Dogfish Head's Black and Blue beer, spinning (indoor cycling) but I'm really picky with the instructors (Hi Tom!), school supplies, canned pumpkin in all seasons, making recipes that I can easy execute without going to the store for special ingredients, and my In-Law's beach house.

Ohh and I kinda, sorta am deeply in love with my husband, dog and baby quickly growing inside of me.

(or Charles, if he's trying to impress you)

This is from our wedding album, yes the grooms men were all in Kilts and we had a bagpiper. 
Yes, it was awesome 

When I met Charlie (here is that epic novel) he was a Latin Teacher in Raleigh, NC where he had been working for 7 years before he quit that gig to go back to school at Duke Divinity School, where he is received his Masters in Theological Studies. He now works in North Raleigh at a small Catholic college-prep school called St. Thomas More Academy

I should let him write about what he likes... but he's not at my side... so.
Charlie likes reading books that few people find interesting ( I love you), ice cream, fruit cobbler, walking, listening to podcasts, Scottish Futbal (Celtic not Celtic"S" is his team if you understand what that means),  craft brewed beer, good cheese (including Goat cheese), wearing the same outfit everyday, doing my "Honey-Do" list (his fave), and drinking black coffee.

I'm going to assume he loves me :), our sweet dog, and the little daughter he'll see in a few weeks.


Also from the engagement sesh... he's about 6 months at this point. 
The ears are as youthful as ever

Buckley is our first born... we adopted naturally, from the Paw Prints rescue group in Garner, NC and we "birthed" him into our care on Valentine's Day 2010. Were he then came into our TINY apartment in downtown Raleigh and learned to love "big" city sounds like the train that was outside the back door, emergency vehicles, and other loud noises that may have scared other dogs... Go Us.

Buckley enjoys napping in all places where humans would nap, his bones, ripping the stuffing out of all stuffed toys, chewing on anything when he is anxious, walking on the Greenway, staring out the window at his un-requited love Willow the Weimaraner next door, and eating anything his parents will give him in the kitchen. 

Mary Margaret

Isn't she Fabulous??

Sweet Mary Margaret was born on October 23, 2012 at 11:45 am weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces. She is the joy of our lives and keeps us guessing about every choice we make. Some of her likes include, the lamby swing, 3 minutes sessions of tummy time, sitting in the boppy, breast milk and long car rides. Some of her dislikes, her swaddle, the sun in her eyes, waiting for milk letdown.

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