Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Quick Takes

This picture is on here for no reason in particular, only because it is ridiculous on all counts.

This Friday, like last, brings the threat of winter weather. Joy... although it could still get me out of work early, it's only looking like freezing rain and sleet. No fun. I would really be beyond pleased with 2 measly inches of the white stuff to maybe sit MM in so she can not understand what's going on while Buckley frantically runs around her. Plus it looks pretty for the 2.6 seconds it's not turned into slush. Charlie was supposed to be on a charter bus DC bound right now for the March for Life, but his school canceled the trip when the nasty wasty weather decided to come. Stinks for him, but we get to have him at home tonight and won't have to worry about him traveling. Always looking out for number 1 you know.

The famous and wonderful Gran is in town. She came in last night, played with Mary Margaret, and bought us Chinese... What more could anyone want from a grandmother, mom, or mother in law? I mean really. I left the house this morning to this. I'm not worried Other than the fact she has a slight case of laryngitis  so MM will be doing most of the conversing today.

Good Morning from the McCants/ Chandlers everyone

I'm a little behind, naturally, and finally saw the most recent episode of Downton Abbey... Ohh poor, prostituting, Ethel. That was a very tough move for you. But I get it. And good for Sybil for standing up for herself and baby.. Speaking of baby... I don't know what kinda birth control was out back then, but I'm with Matthew thinking Lady Mary needs to get pregnant already. Or is the big thing going to be about her not being able to... will they contribute it to Matthew's war injury? I'll be ready when Masterpiece Theater asks for new script writers.

Speaking of babies... when am I not? This is a really cute video and I can't wait for MM to get into belly laughing. We get a few giggles here and there, but I have to work really hard for them. I'll love it when she'll laugh at just about anything...

I'm trying to think of what I want to make as my big meal this coming week. This past week I was too wrapped up with mice catching to make anything. I also didn't wanna be in the kitchen for longer than 3 seconds because who wants to SEE the mouse? Not I. Has anyone tried the no-noodle lasagna?  You use eggplant and zucchini as the noodles?... I was thinking of trying this recipe...  Also, do I REALLY need to cook the "noodles" in the oven first? That seems like a step I may try to overlook.  I might get ambitious enough to actually take pictures or something of me doing making this... I know... too much Laura.. don't get ahead of yourself.

We have this thing going on in our house where it's freezing downstairs and scorching upstairs. There is no relief!! So I have 5 layers on when I go to bed (coming from downstairs) and slowly take them off in a sweaty panic throughout the night. I know, pleasant.... we also have a husband and 50+ pound dog in bed with us, no wonder I'm sweating....

* Side note/question: Any moms out there have weird shoulder/ upper arm pain with a new baby? I can't even sleep on that side because it hurts so badly the next day. I believe it's from holding a 16+ pound baby all of the time, but does it go away? Will my shoulder/ arm get used to it??

DCRI (where I work) can be a hot bed for pregnant ladies. I also work with 95% women in my department. So naturally there is at least one person (female) pregnant at most times. We're having a shower for a woman who is having her second and she took the time to not find out what she's having.... here are our guesses...

My guess is Alien, and if they have a gender, I'm thinking boy..

I'll let you know what comes out.

Stacy in on the ball and has hers out, I'm certain Ana and Colleen won't miss this Friday. 
And Grace can certainly get her easy breezy life together and churn this out.


  1. Are you still nursing? I used to have shoulder/neck pain from nursing. Well it was the way I would sit and look down that caused the pain, not the actual nursing. I find with my chunka chunka babies that my lower back hurts from thrusting my hip out to carry them around. Oh well, they don't stay little enough to carry around forever!

    And good call on the Mary/Matthew plot line. Maybe he is unable to make babies....hmmmm....

  2. luuuuuv me some grandma visits. they are the best!!!