Friday, December 21, 2012

7 Quick Onsies

1. Charlie, Mary Margaret, Buckley and I made our way down to the beach for a few days. Mary Margaret was wonderful, of course, and Buckley was his normal sweet but somewhat needy self.

2. Mary Margaret got a A- on the drive down to the beach and a solid B+ on the ride home. There were a few instances where Charlie and I had to blare the My Morning Jacket and Florence and the Machine while singing as loud as possible to drown her out. She submitted to our beautiful voices. 1 Point parents.

3. The day has come.  Either I'm starting to nurse in my sleep or Mary Margaret has started sleeping though the night!! She did it for first time on Sunday night, then woke up 2 times a night at the beach, and the last night she did it AGAIN! I know she will go through phases where she'll wake up a few times a night. But this is fantastic!

4. The big news that I couldn't talk about, I can now talk about!! Charlie got a part-time teaching gig with Saint Thomas More Academy. The goal when he finished studying at Duke was for him to teach at a Classical Catholic high school. We have been preparing ourselves for the possibility of moving for him to get a position like this. But it looks like our prayers have been answered with this. This part-time position will fit into his Duke schedule and, if everything goes well, will lead to a full time position in fall 2013. He will be teaching medieval history (which he doesn't have much experience with)  and would be teaching that along with theology in the fall.  Merry Christmas to us!

5. We enjoyed spending time with our little family unit at the beach. But. We really enjoyed watching the Cable TV. We spent hours watching trash such as Amish Mafia, Say Yes To The Dress "Big Bliss", and numerous cooking shows. Our favorite among the crowd was Good Eats. We both have a serious crush on Alton Brown. SO much so that we're going to follow his eating plan that does the following:
He eats daily: fruits, whole grains, leafy greens, nuts, carrots, and green tea
He eats 3x a week: oily fish, yogurt, broccoli, sweet potato, and avocado
He eats 1x a week: red meat, pasta, dessert, and alcohol
He Avoids: fast foodsoda (except for club soda, which is okay), processed meals (such as TV dinners), canned soups (salt), and anything labeled "diet," because "this was not a diet
** Note, I'm having a hard time with the booze part, I can't stop...well, you know what I mean**

6. Along with all of the TV we watched at the beach, we have resumed our LOVE with Friday Night Lights. I'm kicking myself for not watching this fantastic show when it was coming on in "real time" we are ADDICTED. So much so, that I was thinking about what was going on in the show while we were at the beach. Lame, I know. But we're obsessed. 

7. Our house is a WRECK. We have made slight attempts at cleaning, but really can not get the motivation to do anything. I really have no excuse.

On a better note I did go to my 3rd spin class post partum, my tush still hurts because I've been out so long, but I'm excited to be getting back into it!!

Ok, go to Grace for more and better.

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