Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. As a new parent , and human being, I have to comment about the horrible things that have happened today in Connecticut. I was blissfully unaware of this until this afternoon as I was chatting with another new mommy and baby. I didn't do much more article searching until I got home and put my sweet girl to bed. It is unfair and whatever your opinion on gun control, I think everyone can agree this and the similar events that have happened recently are awful and saddening.

2. Mary Margaret and I had a "ladies lunch out" with our sweet Irish friends Kate and Isabelle Molloy. I met Kate (mommy) in my midwive Centering group and we have been hanging out while I've been on maternity leave. We had lunch and a beer at the Busy Bee Cafe. Luckily for Kate and Isabelle they missed Mary Margaret completely losing her sh*t while I was changing her on the hard bathroom floor when she had a front-blowout and needed a complete outfit change. The mix of the hard cement floor and florescent lights (along with being naked) made her freak and I'm sure the whole restaurant thought I was giving her a booster shot or something.

3. Kate and I nursed in the window of a cafe today with all of the passer-byers just staring at us. Score one for the nursing in public crowd!! All of the men in their fancy suits and overcoats and homeless people were just staring me in the eye (up here sir...) and I would just give them a SMILE!! We also did diaper changes in the window too, nothing but modest here in Raleigh.

4. Charlie is off playing poker tonight with his buddies, leaving me with all of the bathing and diaper changing. I know ALL of you other ladies out there do this every night, but I'm lucky enough to have a very hands on daddy that likes to at least talk to me while I'm doing the bathing and diaper changing (for reals: Charlie does change diapers and bathe when I'm not here). Buckley was not enjoying it because 1. We were late with his dinner and 2. There was no one to play with him because I was caring for Mary Margaret. He does love to cuddle when she goes to bed, I think someone misses being an only child.

5. I finally completed my Masters course for this semester. The very sweet professor told me I could take an incomplete for the semester and finish later. But the course wasn't THAT time consuming and I was able to finish on time and with a passing grade (B). It may have been a mercy B (since it was a Child and Maternal Health Class) but a B is a B is a B, to me. Ha Rhyming.

6. I need to get some more nursing bras. Anyone have some suggestions? The one I have been wearing so far is ill fitting and was $5 on the Target Super Big Clearance rack like 6 months ago. And if I'm going back to work. UGH I need to have more than 1 I think, because Lord knows I leak all OVER them, even with those B.S. reusable nursing pads.

7. As I started writing this #7, sweet Buckley put his head on my arm. I really want to go to sleep, but I also don't wanna move his arm because he had a rough night without us. Oh... puppy parent guilt.

Also, this Mary Margaret sleeping more thing is killing the milk jugs... and I don't wanna pump before bed because she'll undoubtedly wake up at 11 pm instead of 2 or 3am and want milk that I just won't have...ugh

OK done. Go wake your babies up and give them a hug, you'll feel better.

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  1. you think I'm very preg?

    ha. just wait. I'll get veryier.

    and I don't know how many social media platforms I have to stalk before you'll give me your email address.

    and I'm with you in solidarity and spirit on the alone front .... I need to keep a running tally of nasty diapers Simon "owes me" -- I think just for this 25 hour shift we are at what feels like a million.

    share any nursing bra knowledge you acquire! I always go with the cheapies and don't love them!