Sunday, December 16, 2012

Busy Busy Baby

Since I'm not overly fond of my not-shrinking-as-quickly-as-I'd-like physique. I'll show you what Mary Margaret wore for Mass today.

She is seriously presh.

We had some family pictures taken this weekend by the ever talented Meredith Geldmeier. She knows how to work my camera 20x better than I do, so I invite her over to take pictures with it. I hope she never finds out how much I'm using her :)

Here are a few..

I'm lovin MM's face in this one.

Mary Margaret the diva was a pill to work with. 
She was constantly crying... there were OH SO many like this:

Apparently, when MM cries, Charlie shuts his eyes. Hmm, coincidence?

I will mention that the dress she's wearing is WAY too big, it's sized for a 6 month old, but it's so cute, and will  not be seasonly appropriate so I just went with it. I mean who could turn down corduroy baby bloomers?? Someone with a heart of stone maybe... Plus we didn't want it to be OVERLY holiday incase we want to use them for non holiday purposes.

ALSO, I didn't take a shower the morning these were taken and slapped on a few particles of make up (mostly concealer, for obvious reasons) and they still turned out not horrible. 

So, one point for fake it till you make it.

Mary Margaret also went to her first adult Christmas party, where she was the belle of the ball, Natch (naturally...) The party that we went to has been hosted by the same couple for 35 years. That is awesome, and Charlie's parent's have been there for every since year so far. How impressive on both sides?? This was my third party I think, but there will of course be many more to come with that crowd.

We should be at the beach right now, but there have been some exciting developments in the McCants house which made us postpone the departure until Monday. I'll possibly be talking more about it in the coming days, or I won't... and so you'll know something didn't happen. 
Make sense? probably not.

When we do leave for the beach it will be the longest car trip for Mary Margaret so far, hopefully we can avoid completely knocking her our with OTC meds and she'll just sleep like the sweet normal babe we love. Not the cranky screaming one we HATE (just kidding)

OK people. It thunder stormed in Raleigh late last night, more like early morn. That means 10 days until snow, right? That also means a white Christmas. Cross your fingers and baby toes!!

Who am I kidding, I'll be walking around in Rainbows like normal Christmases in NC. 


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