Saturday, December 1, 2012

Something amazing happened

27 years ago yesterday.

My mom was in the final stages of her labor with me. At 11:something pm on November 30, 1985 I was brought into the world. YAY!

Dinner and Drinks sans Baby and Diaper Bag? Yes.

My dad says to this day, that I started smiling right away (ha, that rhymed) and I have gotten compliments on my smile ever since (not to brag).

Since becoming a mom to this exceptional little person a little more than a month ago, I can now understand how a birthday of your child can be exciting and motivational for the parents. I can't wait to celebrate that I have kept this child alive for a whole year. That is an amazing accomplishment and I hope all parents celebrate what they have done!!

To think that almost 30 years ago (what!?!) she was in the hospital, after 3 days of labor.... ugh, pushing me out into the world. Good work Mom (and dad)!! And you kept me fed, and clothed, and safe for this long (they're still doing it, don't let me fool you). I think that although birthdays are about the person who was born, it should also be a little Parent's Day too (a little gift might be nice, jk) because they have put in the hard work for that year!

For my birthday this year, Callie (Aunt Callie, so as you're not confused) took me on a surprise lady date  in Durham the day before which included: Sushi and Martinis, a Storyslam provided by The Monti, then to Fullsteam to drink and watch people play trivia. We only had one run in with an awkward former potential dating partner for Callie (got all that?).

On my actual birthday, sweet Charlie took me on a dinner date that included Christmas Tree shopping. This is a new family tradition, the tree picking on my birthday. It really makes me extra excited for my birthday, mostly because it means the beginning of THE holiday season. That means treats, holiday party, Mariah Carey Christmas Songs, white chocolate & peppermint snacks, and of course a valid excuse to watch ELF.

A tip for moms with Newborns to 3 year olds!!

I have been scouring the intranets to learn as much as I can from Isis Parenting they have webinars that you can watch, and re-watch if needed (I watched the newborn-5 month sleeping one twice so far), but have also watched the baby-wearing, breast feeding positions, and am working on the pumping for work webinar right now. The moderator, Nancy Holtzman is insanely knowledgeable, and if you follow her on twitter (do you twitter?) @nancyholtzman you can ask her questions and she will answer them super quickly via twitter. You can also see other people's questions incase you didn't think about that question. I've already asked her a few questions with great and fast responses.

OK that is my un-paid plug for Isis and my new bff Nancy

Happy Tree Trimming to Me!!

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