Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"More than a big Shirt - A Mumu"

Earlier this month. I had convinced myself that I was able to be cute, frugal, and creative like Grace from Camp Patton. I was sorely mistaken when my Goodwill shirt (supposed to be dress-like) was
1. too short to be a dress and
2. not alterable by a belt alone.

 I was screwed out of the $4 I found in the seat cushion change to pay for this beaut.

Original Shirt that someone is selling on ebay for a whopping $20. I win.

Fast forward to lat(er) August and I am completely frustrated with every single item I own... wither it still fits the fast-growing belly (and other non-baby encasing areas) or not. You can only wear a too small - belly bearing Duke Divinity t-shirt, no bra, and over stretched old Soffee shorts SO many places before people start staring, and not in the "Ohh she's so cute and pregnant" kinda way.

So I take the plunge and drag on the non-maternity leggings mom got me for Christmas, so I can wear this hot little number to work. Oh and it's Charlie and my 2nd anniversary today. I know he was impressed by the yawn that spread across his face at 7:00 am as I left him at home with Buckley, while I went to work. He's lucky that one, the dog I mean...

Here is the Goodwill Wonder now. In all it's glory.
forgive the toilet... It "doesn't know it's beautiful"

I may or may not have tweeted out this morning that I resembled a large flower bush with a Snazzy belt. 

I will say that all of the wonderful women around the office today have really enjoyed the "Flower Bush". I think it takes many back to their days of wearing such an outfit when large shirts and "hiding" the bump were in style. The younger ones are just trying to be sweet, as they know they are just lucky I didn't come to work completely naked today.

Speaking of things that make someone look completely different. It is AMAZING how different the pregnant body looks with clothes off. Seriously. Get Pregnant... You'll understand.

We're going out for possibly the last fancy dinner we'll have in our lifetime tonight. I'm planning on wearing one of the only outfits I like. Hope he doesn't get tired of that! It being the only outfit I feel 1/2 appealing in, I know it'll make him want to plan for baby 2 within a few months, right?

Stay Tuned.


  1. okay I know you feel not cute but you look V V V cute --- and 4 bones? steal. and I'm sure it will be awesome for the postpartum period/4th shudder trimester.

    you're tempting me to drag the kids to goodwill which is a very, VERY bad idea.

    also -- how was I not following your blog before? please accept my apology.

  2. You are SOO cute!! Seriously. Your bump makes anything cute. And Grace from Camp Patton CRACKS me up! Glad to see her comment on your blog.