Monday, August 27, 2012

"The" Story Part Duex

To check out the first part of this Saga...

This may get long winded and I'm sure you're going to get bored.

Do I care? No :)

The Move

It had been determined that I was NOT going to Taiwan and was going to move to Raleigh instead... Charlie had even found me a job working at the local Country Club as the pool manager for the summer (I had lifeguarded for 7 years at this point). I had found a room to rent in a Teeny Tiny Townhome with a big time weirdo (did not know this at time of agreement), but it was a place to sleep and close to Charlie. It was all I needed.

These are Charlie and Matt's backpacks... apparently I can't find pictures of the actual people..

Santiago Cathedral
(picture sources: Matt Offner via Facebook)

School had ended for Charlie and he had made plans with a good friend to go for a long walk on the Camino de Santiago de Compostella for 5 weeks in the middle of the summer, and we had JUST started dating.

This is July 2009, about a week before he left he invited me to one of his best friend's weddings as his date. He was in the wedding party so after the rehearsal we went to the Busy Bee for drinks and such. He told me then that Matt and him and had a discussion to the effect of " If Laura is still around (hasn't gotten bored and left to pursue other men) when I get back from Spain, I'm going to think about proposing" well this gets me all excited when he tells me.

He and Matt leave for Spain one rainy morning, and throughout the 5 weeks we talking on the phone maybe once a week, and e-mail almost every day. In the mean time I'm working, visiting friends and family, visiting parents... whatever to keep me busy.


I should mention that prior to all of this Charlie and I are VERY against moving in together before we get hitched'...

During the Spain trip I also made plans to move out of said weirdo's townhouse and into a room with a woman who seemed nice and worked and whatever. Well he makes it back and everything is cool, we're happy to be together, school starts and said woman is about to get married very quickly to an old high school friend. So I start looking for another place in Raleigh to live.

We find a GREAT little apartment Downtown Raleigh, with super potential... but it was too much for me to pay alone. We go over and over and over about it for a whole weekend. And at the end of the weekend we decide we're going to do it, nothing like compromising your morals right? So we're going to move in together. ( EEK!)

Part three to come!!

This is where it actually gets somewhat exciting...

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