Monday, October 6, 2014

Back to the grind, almost.

You'll come to find out, that is the cheesiest title ever.

I had written this post in my head as I was putting V to bed last night, and of course I can't remember it this afternoon as I try to get it down...

Either way, it revolved around the newest and essential member of our family.

Our coffee maker.

Photography at it's finest

Our past coffee maker was a hand-me-down from my parents who had used it for at least 5 years before we procured it and have used it for close to 4 ourselves.

My mom came this weekend with an early birthday present from my dad. It was picked out and wrapped by him and the whole 9 yards. I had no idea what it could be. Upon opening it, I was elated! I don't think I've ever been that excited about a kitchen appliance. I seriously talked about how excited I was for 30 minutes after opening it.

There isn't anything supremely fancy about the maker, it doesn't grind beans, or make espresso, or take a K-cup or anything like that. But, like any fancy lady, looks great in black (doesn't show dirt or stains) is sleek and unreachable by a toddler. It also has a handle to reach the place where the grinds go, so you don't have to dig your (potentially) nice clean hands into the basket to get the filter out.

Our past maker was white and had it's buttons on the bottom easily within toddler reach. So, if pre-set you might not know if a toddler had changed the brewing time to 3am (although, recently I've been up at 3 am... and coffee sounded good).

Birthday Boots with Houndstooth pants, natch. 

Anyway, this little beauty, along with the amazing "real" fall weather we have been having the last few days and pumpkin spice creamer is making up for V's not-getting-better nighttime sleeping habits and the persistent nap strike we're getting from MM. Along with the fact that today marks my last week of Maternity Leave (insert many many cries here).  It seems like it's been really fast and really, wonderfully slow all at the same time.

This is probably going to be the only talking I do about Maternity Leave (only because it's almost over) but if you know MM, she's not overly clingy and is very independent. Which is great because she doesn't "need me" all the time. The only thing is that over this 3 months I've gotten to spend more time with her than I ever have (even on my Maternity Leave with her, which was shorter than V's) and we have really gotten much closer. She is happier to see me when I come home from someplace without her, and she snuggles more with me daily. Yes, I have been able to see, first hand, how hard toddlers and newborn are to schedule and napping is a blessing and curse (at least for being social sometimes) but this time has been special for me as I have bonded with both of my girls in ways I haven't before and didn't really expect.

To touch back on V's sleeping. Naps are going well, most days, we're getting her used to napping in her crib (kudos to me for starting early) and she most of the time goes to sleep easily.

She is doing this thing, where she'll sleep for 4 hours at night and then wake up and fall asleep nursing, sleep for 1.5 hours then fall asleep nursing, sleep for 1.5 hours (maybe 2 if the stars aline) then I'll put her into bed with us and nurse her to sleep and we're up at 7-7:30 almost daily. That has been the normal for the last 2 weeks. BUT, on Friday we had a little happy hour at our house and I had a glass of wine (or 2...) and get this: V slept for 7 hours(!!!!) and then went back for another 3 hours. I really really hope she wasn't drunk from the wine but it hasn't happened since and I'm wracking my brain on what I could do to get that sweet sleeping back. Why tease me V???

OK, I'm done complaining about her and the sleeping. She's a much happier baby and big picture we have had great luck.

Keep an eye out for tearful posts coming about leaving my girls 4 days a week (thanks, work for the "part-time" option!!) in another city. I know they will be in amazing hands, but they won't be my hands and that hurts.


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