Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pictures that make no sense

If you've every asked yourself "I wonder what it's like to get a cooking spice out of a toddler's eyes" let me confirm it's not fun.

After a long week at work, Charlie's dad, "Boom", invited him to attend an NC State football game on Saturday afternoon, which implied that I was solo parenting again today. Which honestly is fine because, Monday I'm back at work (all of the tears).

.256 seconds after Charlie left I was texting a good friend Meredith to come over and make scones with me, as that is just what we do. She came over with exactly all of the ingredients because I was look "busy" to actually see what I had here and what she needed to bring.

She was being super with MM and asking her to help mix things and pour things into the bowl when it came time to add the Clove. We had those measuring spoons that look like hearts, which I believe my mom had given out at my bridal shower or something, and of course we haven't upgraded because, why would we. Meredith asked "Do you think she can grab it" meaning the 1/4 measuring spoon of Clove "ohh sure" I said. Then BAM! MM had flung 1/4 tsp of Cloves directly into her face.

Aside from wanting to bust out laughing, I sprung into action telling her not to rub (but why would she not? It hurt) and trying to get her still enough to get the spice out. After a brilliant effort, I bribed her with an apple and she was right back to normal. We are still finding Clove coming out of her tear ducts, but all-in-all she's fine.

Pep talk about tummy time

Also, I'm not sure if it happens in all parts of the state, but here in Raleigh, NC. October is fruit-flies-come-and-invade-your-house-and-make-you-feel-like-a-discusting-person-and-drive-you-insane month. At first I thought it was just our house, with all of the breast milk and diapers and food and I'm a lazy cleaner. BUT after Meredith confirmed that she had them in her house too, and she is a pretty clean person.

She mentioned that she was going to Bed Bath and Beyond to see about getting a fruit fly cleaning something and ran into an old co-worker who mentioned blue Dawn (which apparently is the coconut oil of the cleaning world) and Apple Cider Vinegar.

After all the nap times (or cat naps for the infant...45 mins is NOT a real nap) we sped our way over the grocery to get said tools of the fruit fly killing variety. You need to put just enough Dawn to cover the bottom of a small dish then add vinegar and leave it for a while. I plan on putting a dish on every flat surface of the house.

It looks like she has fangs here, "I vant to suck your boobs"

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