Sunday, October 26, 2014


Two years...

We have been parent for whole 2 years now.  Sometimes it feels like a nanosecond and the other feels like 100 years (obvi the really tough times make it seem longer).

We celebrated Ms. Thang's second birthday with a little get together at our tiny townhouse with all of the grand (and great grand) parents and a few friends. 

For months now MM has been saying "One day, Mary Margaret get a bike!" and Saturday was that day.

Honestly, she's in love with the "holmot" and the bell on the trike most of all.

We forced a cardio and weight bearing exercise on all of the guests' parent by forcing them to drag, push, and carry their children and/or children's vehicle up a not-small hill to the park.

If we were really looking to draw attention we would have carried a boom box alternating "Happy" and "Who run the world" on repeat, but alas we didn't.

Our neighbor whose parents we've copied and had both children 2 months after they had each of their boys. Hopped right on that bandwagon. 

UGH...Postpartum like WHOA

After Nana pushed MM up the hill, refusing help, we sat her down with the little one so we could socialize with our friends.

The sweet saint, Mandi, who watches both of our girls and her own while I drink numerous cups of still warm coffee at work. Ohh and that is her husband, David.

Rich and his daughter who informed us that she was part eagle that fine Saturday

Semi-forced Nana hugs for the birthday girl. She will literally stay in a cuddling pose for .3487689 seconds before squirming loose.

Another sweet friend, Amy, who watched MM before she had her own cuddly smiley little girl 3 months before V was born. And of course she looks 1000x more amazing than yours truly. 

And Amy's beyond sweet little man. He is THE BEST at playing by himself. What a skill! He not only will get up at 5 AM, not wake up his parents and watch TV. But he chilled in the house and played with MM's toys and talked to my mother in law for most of the party.

Speaking of that, we had food and drinks and what-not but the kicker wasn't the obvious  bed sheet I used as a table cloth, but the lack of toys I provided for outside play... a grocery store Hello Kitty ball and a mini red wagon... Have fun kids. It was so depressing... I wish I'd had a lame picture of it, but no... we didn't take any pictures after the park.

Mary Margaret's dream of "Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Foods" as a party theme came true and we are listening to the sound of sweet (painful) tricycle bells ringing and the multiple requests for us to help with her holmot until the end of time.

Happy Birthday silly, independent, cleaver little girl. We love you so much and CONSTANTLY question how we were given the privilege of being your parents.

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  1. Um, someone needs mascara and eyeliner stat. Ok, it was me. Aaaand, we got Lucia a new tricycle because it was depressing being a million miles behind all the other kids.

    I totally did not even think about there being few outside play toys. Ha ha. Never even crossed my mind. But then again, that would have just meant more toys for Lucia to fight with MM over. Because the only toy worth playing with is the one that her "bess friend" has.

    The cake was delicious. Delicious. Still thinking about it!