Monday, February 4, 2013

A Veggie Tale

HA! I thought that was the most creative title EVER when I thought about writing this!!

Towards the end of 2012... yea, like 3 months ago... Charlie and I had the "brilliant" idea for us to go vegetarianism starting January 1. We had done the Vegetarian thing years ago after a quick and wonderful trip to Asheville, NC.

We don't mounds of meat on the reg, and honestly, I don't have the slightest idea how to cook a large piece of meat. I can make a chicken breast like a pro, but a steak or roast or whatever... no, not me.

We have had to become creative (and alternatively, not creative) with the meals we have for the week.

We have many many weeks of Dan Good Chili, pots of Lentil soup, No-Noodle All Vege Lasagna, many a Charlie-made veggie pizzas.

Also... Lots and Lots and Lots of eggs.

I get hyper boring resourceful with what I put into my eggy-veggie scrambles.

And I'll say in that same breath that we don't buy the Organic, Free-Range, Brown, I got them from my backyard kinda eggs... We get the plain white large cheap ones... Because we hate ourselves and love the hormones that those poor chickens were given to lay the 3 dozen we buy at a time? No because we're poor.

Anyways... if it turns out we shouldn't have been eating them and I grow a third nipple, that will make breast feeding that much easier.

I am lucky that I married someone who is a veggie liker(like-er because Lover would be a strong word) and is willing and usually encouraging as long as it doesn't involve olives, but he lovingly tolerates
* Pumpkin disguised as something else
* Cottage Cheese in the place of higher fat cheese
* Spinach and/or Broccoli in almost every meal
* Not frying anything

We do make the exception, when we go to someone's house who doesn't know we're not eating meat... and then we have a little (or a lot in Charlie's case) with the hopes that it doesn't ruin our stomachs for the rest fo the night. Last night was a great example, went to a Super Bowl party where we keep MM up WAY too late and it bit me, not Charlie of course, in the butt because she was a pill to get to bed.

Anywho, There was chili, and meatballs, and chicken wings, and buffalo chicken dip.... and we tried it all (somethings a little more than a little) and we're fine. No Harm, No Foul.

What was the point of this post? Not sure... I was sitting at my cube eating the Omelet that I demanded Charlie make me for lunch and thought about veggie tales... Which I love and can't WAIT to show MM one day, I think it will be more for me than her.


  1. Hi Laura! Loved this post! I used to be strictly veg for a very long time and found that certain types of seitan are great for substituting meat. Whole Foods sells many varieties and the "ground beef" kind is the best with a little bit of seasoning.
    There's also this website (she's the wife of a beastie boy) She has super easy recipes that are mostly vegetarian...some involve fish. I hope this helps you guys out!

  2. The egg part of this post cracked me up! No pun intended. Trader Joe's has good eggs for $1.79 a carton which is pretty good... though not sure how it compares to a regular store. I will say I can tell a difference!