Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Stay at Home Tuesday!

Our Tuesday/ Thursday sitter, Molly has gone with her sweet little family to Oklahoma for a family wedding which left me with 2 days this weeks to fill with sitters. We have Danielle (who is about to pop with her second) for Thursday and no one to cover for Tuesday... what is a mom to do? Stay home and be a SAHM for a day.

I couldn't have been a better day for it too, because MM had a beyond horrible night of non-sleeping the night before. She woke up at 9:30, 10:15, 12:30, 3:15, 4:30 and finally was up for the day at 6:45. Each taking 45 minutes at a minimum to get her back to sleep. Doesn't had just sound wonderful? Well it sucked... and the last shift Charlie really just rocked her until they both fell asleep.  The real problem is that every time we put her down, she starts fighting and will grunt for as long as we'll let her.

So... she woke up happy as a clam this morning ready to play, like nothing was wrong.

We played/ fed for 90 minutes then back for a nap that was only 45 mins long in reality. For most of the time I was rocking myself to sleep with her looking at the underside of my chin, what a view. ... I then thought it might be helpful (for at least naps) if we went to get some black out shades for her room. Well when the time came I didn't have a measuring tape, what to use...

A pillow case with washable marker? Like a pro right?

This makes NO sense does it?

Ohh and I was not ashamed to go into Home Depot with the pillow case and have the nice man measure it for me.

I had a better picture of this, which included myself, but the bags under my eyes begged me not to show them. So you get just a picture of sweet girl. I will let you know my outfit consisted of a spit-up laden old Broughton High sweatshirt, Nike running shorts, a too big sports bra I'd worn to bed and a very holey Ziggy Marley shirt of Charlie's and running shoes with no socks. Nothing but the best for this SAHM

I was trying to blame the sleeping problems on the 4 month sleep regression, but that was de-bunked by Nancy. Which kinda pissed me off, but that hopefully means this mess will be short-lived.

When I was at Home Depot I will admit I was looking for more... um, harsh methods for de-mousing the house (yes, there is another in the ceiling...) and I found this. I shutter...

MM is desperately trying to become best friends with Buckley... always grabbing his paws and ears, Gently of course

He is becoming more and more interested in what's going on in her room... I think he's concerned that she is being such a pill to put to bed too.

OK I'm back to work now...ugh

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