Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oh, I do have a blog. Right

Whoa, I am alive.

It's been way way too long, I get it people. Life has been beyond crazy and also, I was really lazy about blogging. It happens.

 This is a hat for a toddler, always thinking ahead mom

Here is a little run-down of what's been going on

* Mary Margaret turned 6 months old and coincidentally is in the process of sprouting two choppers on the bottom.

* Charlie finished Duke Divinity school and (as of yesterday) made straight A's... Show off

* We have been behaving like we don't have a kid. I went out innocently enough with a girlfriend which we then discarded our plans and then ended up acting like a college kid again (read: was over served at a few establishments). Paid quite dearly for it the entire next day.

* The next weekend we attended a raging good wedding with large amounts of open bar-ness. I then proceeded to float through Mass with a squirmy babe and was reminded why I never drink like that anymore. Also, Thanks David and Kimberlie it was awesome!

* MM has not learned how to crawl yet, thank The Lord. Nor can she rollover completely (she can only get back to front) but she can go in very fast circles which has me worried about the future speed she's going to clip when she gets firmly on all fours.

Wook, I can shop

The real message of this post is not intended to brag, although I am really freaking proud of myself. But more for information because I didn't know it was an option.

I am the proud donator of breast milk. I have been working hard to get a solid "stash" up in the rare case anything happens to my abundance. But then we ran into the little freezer we have being so full we couldn't get groceries into it. I knew I didn't want to give it to a formal milk blank because they make mothers spend obscene amounts for the pasteurization and other testing on the milk. I knew I had a good healthy supply (I didn't give anything to anyone from my debaucherus night fore mentioned) and that if I could share and people would take my milk on the trust that I take care if myself then they are more than welcome to it.

I found a Facebook group called "Human milk 4 Human babies NC" and another mom from a doula friend I knew. One was an adopted family that needed a little more to feed their 10 month old adopted son. The other is a woman (who also is a doula) needed it for her 6 week old daughter. I was able to give 80 ounces to the first and 120-ish to the second. I've checked in with the second and her little girl loves the milk and her stomach is reacting well to it.

I have a journal that I write to MM in periodically and I told her about it today. I hope when she reads it she will have her heart warmed by our efforts as much as I am knowing I can help other little babies get the goodness of breast milk.

And the hippiness continues!!!

This is MM's Great Grandfather CB's first time holding her!!

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  1. Wow to having so much milk and double wow for donating it! That is great!