Tuesday, May 14, 2013

In case you needed a play-by-play

It happened people. Some big thangs happened this past weekend.

Charlie made some big moves finally graduating from Duke Divinity (thank goodness),

first in line outta there

and it was Mother's Day, my first... but we'll say second because she was still in my tummy for the first one.

The events of this weekend took A. Lot. Out of me. I by lunch time on Sunday I was pooped and ready for a serious nap.

Saturday morning during first nap (we're down to 2 now, so the preciousness of these is SOOOO much more obvious) I went for my monthly re-attempt at being a runner again. Conclusion was that I am just as slug/ogre like as last month. How did I run like 8 miles a day when I was younger??

Then my parents came into town for some old fashioned canoodle with the gradbaby time. That did give me time to pretend I was going to paint my toenails when in reality I just took a nap. Then things really kicked into second gear when our baby-on-the-way friends Tanner and Hannah came over for baby wrangling practice while Charlie did a little thing called GRADUATE FROM DUKE.

We fought the rain and wind over to Durham (that was my 6th trip there this week, save me) a hour before the Baccalaureate to find that there were less that zero seats still available in the whole of Duke Chapel.

at least the heads in front of me where nice. The room was blah

By some twist of fate there were two seats and a chair that some fool had left so we gobbled them up real quick-like. We happened to have more than 3 people in our party, and half of them watched in the airy and comfortable television room where there was a great view and you could talk as loud as you wanted.

After the scholar was done with his scholarly things and hand shakings we rush rush rushed back to the homestead to relieve the saints that watched Mary Margaret and demand they stay for snacks and booze.

Then we all went to bed (Gran and I got to do some mommy-daughter snuggling because Grandpa George forgot the blow up mattress and got the twin bed, which means the scholar got the couch with a large side of Beast Dog) only to have MM wake up ohhhhhhhh 6 times between 4 am and 7 am, for which I then fed her and brought her down to the well slept Scholar who took her to get vitals for the breakfast dish I demanded.

Ohh we got new floors too

Ohh it doesn't end there.

We had Mother's Day brunch at my house too, which meant I made these scones that did NOT look anything remotely like scones (imagine once was warm raspberry dough squares). Gran and Charlie jumped into action an made a quiche and cut some fruit up as I was powering down as hostess with the leastess.

Once MM was down for an amazingly long second nap Charlie and I took naps, to which I never slept.

But, after all that mess and rush and fuss. MM and I played in bed, did some retail therapy, and then came home to take fun pictures such as those below.

Happy Mother's Day all


  1. Yeah running post baby is so different. After #1 I ran a half marathon to prove to myself I could do it again. After #2 I wanted to run a half marathon but that definitely did not happen... ooppps!

    Now once #3 bakes and makes an appearance I will have to run a half marathon because one Friday night (no booze involved - I was pregnant) I had this brilliant idea to sign up for the Rock and Roll half marathon in Raleigh Spring 2014. Lofty goal... I think my most motivating factor is that I will run it because i don't want to lose my registration fee!

  2. Not sure if you want a cheerleader for some running motivation, but YOU CAN DO IT!! baby steps.

    Congrats to your wicked smaht (Boston accent) husband :)