Sunday, June 2, 2013

6 Quick Takes Sunday, I'll never get this right....

I am alive, for the most part.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks here around the McCants house.

I can't really remember where I left off last (I know I could go back and read my last post, but I really don't like to re-read things I write... especially essays... hence the many grammatical and spelling errors)

So... let me see....

1) Charlie had a graduation shindig that I didn't get any pictures at ... Mary Margaret was her typical amazing self and I nursed her to sleep in the middle of the party, and she slept in my ARMS for close to 30 minutes. Can we say heaven? I never get that anymore.

2) Charlie started working on a new project called The Wayfaring with a new and quickly-becoming-close-friend Win Bassett. I'll let you check it out as to get a feel about the content. With confidence I can say they are doing good work and getting some due cred for it.

3) I've started working out again...Booo... YAY.... I can't decide really.

I have been working with Jenn over at Fit for Expecting
*read: this is not one of those "announcements" of any kind. She does post-partem fitness too*

She has been giving me workouts, tips and check-ins in exchange for me writing a few little ditties about my experience and how freaking hard it is to get a workout in while commuting, working full time, nursing, being a kick ass mom, etc.

The first one should be coming out sometime this week or so, keep an eye out and I'll post the link if you care so much as to read it.

4) On a similar and equally as sweaty note, I did my first walk/run jaunt with both children (skin and fur) on Saturday morn. I had done 2 days of 10 minute elliptical workouts this past week, so I was obviously prepared for running long distances with two non-speaking creatures. We did all live and there was only one instance of a leash getting caught on a wheel.

Always the lady with the crossed ankles

5) I successfully made these amazing scones for the second time (first time was Mother's Day and it was a failure) with the love and support of my dear friend Meredith. It was my biggest accomplishment of the week.

6) Charlie had originally told me I was getting tickets to The National for Mother's Day. But after a heart to heart (really?) we decided it was best to go see The Black Keys instead. I'm pumped although the location could be improved, it will still be a good summer concert, I'm sure of it.

7) Mary Margaret's favorite 3 and 4 year old adopted sisters have moved to South Bend for their dad to go to the majestic Notre Dame for his PhD. We had our last day with them two weeks ago and I think MM's expression says it all.

there were a few others were the little one on the left was lovingly choking MM. Good Times

Ok... That was a nice little run down.

Ohh, on a not-even-as-relevant note, our cable is done. We have been "borrowing" it through our internet connection, but I believe they have uncovered our game and we now can only watch the following:

- the WB
- Telemundo
- Scrambled Bravo (which I'm not above struggling through)
- Some non-CMT country music station

It should be understood you'll be seeing more of me around these parts.

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  1. Yay for the exercise! And oh my goodness, that picture of the girls is too cute.