Monday, June 17, 2013

Mini Weekend Recap: Post-Wine Style

OK, so I'm going to be honest that I'm writing this at 10:51 pm on a Monday night after having split a bottle of wine with my bad influence Sherry. Who I invited over on a whim at about 2 pm this afternoon. I like to plan head apparently

So, lets be honest I'm definition tipsy and this should be a good post and if nothing else very stream of consciousness.

1) Mary Margaret is like, THHHHHIS close to crawling. She can get places, but has really no idea what her knees do. She grips with her finger tips and her sweet little toe-tips but if you put her on her knees she's useless.

2) MM has become a great substitute for a Swiffer. She wallows on her belly for at least an hour and can pick up massive amounts of dog hair when I get lazy and dont can't sweep in time.

3) She got her first taste of ocean water at the beach this weekend. I sat her down in front of me and let the tide come in and get her. She only cried the first three times. She also ate sand by the handful.

4) I actually got to take a nap when MM was awake this weekend. I was asleep for a whole 10 minutes before I heard the sweet jingles of her gentle rattle slamming on the hardwoods downstairs in the beach house. I have two sets of grandparents to thank for this brief nap, and subsequent run, and further margarita s) that followed it.

5) I will admit that today at work I had three cups of coffee, and a diet mountain dew. That's it. No Water. The entire time I was justifying it with this article and the fact that I didn't drink much caffeine over the weekend.

6) I made it through the weekend with a slight burn on my chest from a forgotten-about v-neck I was wearing during the coffee cruise compliments of my father-in-law's boat.

Ok. Now it's 11:09 PM and I'm getting up at 5:15 6:00 AM to make the 45 minute commute to Durham again tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

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