Wednesday, July 16, 2014

39 long centuries of being pregnant

Right, SO.

We've flown right through the one week out from our “Due Date” with Ms. V. She was really putting up some good work this weekend which was getting everyone excited. But ended up leading to nothing.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking these girls are going to look similar

Supermoon didn’t help us out. Lame, superlame…

What do you do when you’re this close to having a toddler climb her way out of you?

Groan, complain, boss your husband around,  apologize for NOTHING, and bake.

In the last three days, I’ve baked three things. And they have all been good (don’t you dare tell me otherwise).

Here is a weekend wrap up, because I apparently have nothing better to talk about:

Charlie’s grandfather came over to see his wee-bairn’s bairn’s, bairn (got all that? It means the little lady with curls) and have lunch.
Since Charlie had made it is decision to make lunch his game, and if Shrimp and Grits continue to be his game I will always support – wait, who am I kidding I always support him cooking, I took MM to the little park up the street while he did all the house-work of cleaning and making lunch.
Honestly, I’d had coffee with breakfast, and not much else in the fluid department, so when I got back I was feeling real crampy and hot. I didn’t have enough time for a shower (sorry CB) and just washed my face and put some more presentable clothes on. All through lunch I was having what seemed like painful braxton hicks. After CB left we got MM down for a tiny nap before she woke up (1.5 hours later… come on MM). We needed to get to going anyway because we had a birthday party and I wanted to get to Target to give myself something to do, oh and after my little nap, all painful stuff had subsided. boo

Walking around Target things started getting a little more serious again. I sent Charlie for water and sat down on the display furniture in the home goods section (I’m sure they love that). I was texting my doula that all of this was happening. She said she was about a 2 hours away with family, but would be home by 7:30 that night. We left target and headed for the birthday party. Once we got there, I sat down and was chugging water so I could try and rule out Irritable Uterus. But things were still coming. After some fantastic pulled pork, baked beans, slaw, mac and cheese… need I go on?.... I was still feeling pretty long consistent pains, and after several potty trips I told Charlie we may not be at this shin-dig long. 

That shirt say "I 'heart' BBQ". I shamelessly stole this off the dad's Facebook, hope you don't mind.


After a little gas passing, and the food got all settled things got better. Pain eased off… as we were leaving, around 2 hours later, I started feeling pain on one side, and sweet doula told me to work on #2 from the Miles Circuit, which would be getting babes in a better position. Ohh and to go home and take a bath to see if it made things better.

Just for a good measure I asked Charlie to stop and get some red wine. If V was going to be coming, I was going to do a tiny bit of self-medication if I could. Upon getting home things really cranked down and I was back to normal, and a little buzzed  :)

Cue bedtime, and un-happy, but still sleep.

Ohh right, at one point during the day, I made Black Bean brownies. That was what we were talking about.

Get up, text with all those I’d alerted about the previous day’s contractions, telling them it was nothing. Started having weird belly button pain, which apparently  = nothing.

Went to Durham to see this sweet one get baptized and have a rousing lunch at Whole Foods.

What a sweet little one. And the outfit wasn't too shabby either.

Came home for a little nap for MM (I was trying to walk inside to get the contractions back, per doula’s instructions) and avoiding taking my own nap because mama nap = fighting sleep at 10 pm. I also baked cookies which were slightly undercooked, but eaten by all anyway. Then we watched a little of the World Cup finals on the Roku and woke her highness up for our trip Wake Forest for dinner and house-terrorizing at Charlie’s co-worker’s house. There were a few little ‘pains’ creeping up, but nothing to write (text) home about. We left for dinner, which was great but uneventful other than the exceeding Bee Bo pain, which again, I believe means nothing.

We make a quick bedtime, where MM doesn’t fall asleep until at least 10 pm ::eye rolls::, Charlie and I make a “labor playlist” which I never used last time, because Charlie was all hands on deck in the pain relief dept, but I have a strong feeling we will get it use it this time. And then off to bed where I sleep like a huge swollen log. Only for MM to wake up and cheerily try to insert her paci into my Bee Bo and give it to V. Such sweetness hidden in those curls.

This one is such the ham. Nana being at the house doesn't hurt.


Went to work, blah. Everyone was "surprised" that I came in this week. Not that I told them otherwise, but I think they are all being a little overly optimistic.

I'm sure I was drinking enough water and everything because I didn't have any contractions.

The real highlight of the day was making Peach Cobbler with my good friend Meredith and, best part, neither of us had to spend any money on ingredients. You know you're really winning at life when that is the best part of the day. 

This same friend who pointed me to this comic that I modified for the obvious.

And then there is this.

Hi, I wear heels and a bracelet. Also, we own THE oldest dishwasher on the planet.

All of the prayers that this girl comes out this weekend. ALL of them.

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  1. Well, we shall be home Saturday so maybe she's just waiting for me?