Monday, July 28, 2014

Virginia's Birth Story: Tuesday (3/6)

Half way there guys!!

Here are parts 1 and 2 if you need a refresher.

So I'm going to jump ahead to Tuesday.

We had informed our postpartum nurse that we'd like to be discharged on Tuesday night if we could (in retrospect... ALL THE LAUGHS at ourselves). So she went ahead and did V's hearing test and scheduled her bath for the early bird time of 5:00 AM.

Through the night, V would wake up like she was hungry, but all she wanted was to be held and then we right back to sleep. Thanks, I see we're getting to know each other really well.

5:00 AM rolled around to lots of sweet hateful cries from V as she was being tortured (read: Give a Bath) we then tried to get a little more sleep before she was up for the day, or as much of the day as a 2 day old allows.

We waited until we assumed everyone was up at the house, and scheduled visits from both Charlie's parents, my Parents and MM, and other friends.

When it was MM and my families time to visit, there was lots of excitement from MM. Really only about Nana being there (although she came with her) and the fact that there were hallways to run down. She would come in, eat some crackers, drink some water, get semi close to V and then want to leave again to run through the halls.

We did sneak this one picture of the two girls. MM is thrilled.

Around 2:00 the rounding pediatrician came to see us. She talked about V's skin tag (she has a relatively large one on her cheek), and there was a little something in passing about her breathing a little fast and labored, and something else about her elevated temperature.

She mentioned that the baby nurse would keep an eye on it and we might need to stay overnight for some more observation, so we might not get out that night as hoped, (again... ALL THE LAUGHS).

Around 4:00 PM the baby nurse came and did her exam, she told us that since the temp was still high, and her breathing was still labored she would need to go ahead and talk to the pediatrician about what needed to be done.

Not long after that the phlebotomist came by, before the nurse could even make it round to tell us that they were going to take labs. She did some blood draws and the nurse said that the results would be back in about 30 minutes.

5:30 PM, the nurse came back with the bad news. Her White Blood Cell would was really high and we would need to have her put in the Special Care Nursery where they would have to give her IV antibiotics, observe her AND (kicker) keep her there for at least 48 hours, like, not in our room AWAY FROM ME.

I. Was. Devastated

I started nursing her while they got her spot ready (really just trying to keep her around me longer, thinking they couldn't take her while she was nursing, right?)

The tears started as we were walking with the nurse as she wheeled her down to the nursery. They didn't stop until I believe we went back around 9:00 PM to nurse her again. I cried through her check in, through when they started the IV line, those poor nurses had to try and determine what my answers were through the hysterics that were going on.

My dear friend had dropped off some dinner while I was de-hydrating myself via the eyes. So we had a good meal while V was sleeping, and I had made it VERY VERY EXCEEDINGLY clear that I was going to nurse her everytime she needed it, and/or she was crying.

I believe it was the 12:?? AM nursing session when I was talking to the nurse and she mentioned that she had never seen one of these things last longer than 48 hours and that they rarely turn into anything. That was exactly what we needed to hear (bless her) and we were able to sleep a little that night, with plans for both sets of grandparents to come visit in the morning.

That's all I'm giving for now, but there is more excitement coming on the next post

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