Sunday, July 6, 2014

Beginning of the very long end

Welp, We are almost exactly 2 weeks from due date, and what that really means is that we are at the beginning of the longest month of pregnancy.

See here, what they really mean by "Due Date" is "hey, sometime 2 weeks before and two weeks after your due date, you should have a baby". Last time, We induced 10 days after MM's Due Date. Mostly because I was impatient and was tired of hearing everyone ask how I was doing, feeling, dilating, etc. Also I was just really stupid and impatient.

This weekend was one of THE Best, and I'll be happy to tell you why.

I was able to work from home on Thursday and we had Friday off. Since we had a little tiny dose of Hurricane Arthur coming there was some really cool mornings and temperate days which made well to cleaning out the back storage room, pulling out the camping chairs and doing some work on the back deck, lots of coffee, 1/2 naked babies (not "babes) running around, and an intro into yoga provided by yours truly.

Potentially the best, and worst picture ever. Happy, you've been pregnant for 37 years, Laura. So gross. But look how cute she is. I die.

On Friday I had the pleasure of hosting some very good friends who make very good food and drink over for Iggy Azalea singing. We watched soccer, ate our weight in guac and burgers, and had a little beergarita, and chased a baby (she is STILL a baby).

All of these pictures are compliments of Aunt Cookie. Scroll until you get to Callie.

Except none of these things remotely screams it. Guac, beergarita, and chili lime chips = not america (tex-mex is the closest) and the World Cup which is played in Brazil and the US was booted out of the day before. Just our style.

Yes, these pants are a real thing.

Unlike every other picture of me these days, this one isn't completely the worst. See above for actual worst.

And this one was stolen and not even given the courtesy of a #regram, Sorry Hallie

We also had everything in the works for our new couch to be delivered on Saturday. There is an organization call The Green Chair Project that takes "gently used" furniture. BUT you only have between 10 am and 1pm to drop off. Little did we know that the new couch wouldn't be delivered until between 5 and 9 pm that night. So we made the best of it and did a little indoor camping of our own.

Side story, I went to start on V's baby blanket Wednesday night (MM's was started when I was 3 month pregnant, NOT 3 weeks until due) but I went into the craft store and thought that yarn on the coffee table above was more periwinkle... it walked out looking reallll baby blue. Hope V is already expecting to get the shaft when it comes to things like this for the rest of her life...

Eventually, our first new family member arrived. When we first sat on it, I think we were both in shock about how stiff it was. I believe we've come to the conclusion that neither of us had sat on a brand new couch. Our last one was bought for us by Charlie's parents from a family friend who had recovered it and found it not in their taste. Before that we found a love seat in a furniture consignment that we used in our apartment and was our main seating before the recently departed one.

Ok, I think I've discussed our furniture enough.

After all that excitement, Sunday has been a little more of a slower pace, which for some reason has allowed some weird feelings (not THOSE feelings) to bubble. I've been super emotional for no real reason. Which included almost crying all day, and then acutally crying when MM was in the bath and said "I see you daddy". Why did that get me, no one will ever know.

Also, I'm a little confused at how I can unable to breathe and feel like a baby is going to fall out of me all in the same instance. Aside from the consistent need to use the facilities and the inability to comfortably sleep, sit or eat. I'm feeling just great.

One of MM's favorite things to do is ask me to "turn the page" which means, lift your shirt MOM, so I can see the belly. Fingers crossed she loves her new baby as much as she loves kissing the belly.

Ok I'm done. Get back to the many more constructive things you were doing with your time.


  1. That is such a cute picture of MM kissing your belly! I want to say I hope you don't go into labor until we get back because I want to see Virginia when she is itty bitty small, but that's kind of cruel. We're planning to be back on the 17th but that might get pushed back a smidge because we are supposed to leave CO for IL tomorrow and Lucia is super sick. Of course. Hope the rest of pregnancy goes by quickly and healthily.

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